Kentucky Judges Pre-Signed Blank Legal Documents So That Child Services Could Take Custody of Kids on Nights and Weekends –

Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services—the state agency that provides child protective services—has a practice of obtaining blank emergency custody orders pre-signed by judges. Social workers then fill out the documents with the necessary information after they’ve been signed by a judge and then use them to take custody of children from parents who have come under investigation. Let me repeat that: no judge actually reviews these orders, or the evidence used to justify separating a family, before signing them.

#OpExposeCPS #HumanTrafficking

“Children are being illegally taken from their home without judges’ proper authority.”
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People don’t become ‘adults’ until they’re in their 30s, say scientists

I totally concur , in the family who fails to consciously

and spiritually educated a child ; the adulting can be

in mid 30s after careers and families are established ,

spirituality begins to tug at the near 40 year old , who

reviews their life so far. Feeling the need to stand for

something , as if unaccomplished can motivate unnecessarily

instead of simply reviewing , setting intentions , and

enjoying the journey .

It was at 37 , as our youngest was 6 , that my mothering

was challenged by RX addiction , 17 days in hell that is

a psychiatric unit , establishing the matrix of domestic

abuse ignored in lieu of mental illness.

I tried to go with the flow for the next 5, allowing I was

mentally ill, as no one supported domestic abuse, hearing

or seeing the truth .

A definite hindered effort to mature …

Experts say it’s “increasingly absurd” to say we move instantly from childhood to adulthood
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Psychological manipulation: An expert explains parental alienation to “48 Hours” – CBS News

She’s good, charging over $1500 per hour, unobtainable for many

the humongous need for education is vital . Thwarted by the

control of all involved professionals who must stick to government

guidelines is not the best thing for families , being erased largely

for profit and control .

Ms Baker is expert , and does have truths to educate the public

who has accepted the abuse normal.

How can one parent turn a child against the other parent? Amy Baker, Ph.D, a researcher and author, explains parental alienation.
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Most cancers are caused by ‘eating processed food’ and ‘toxic ingredients’, study confirms

Huge factor , amongst others .

Most cancers are caused by ‘eating processed food’ and ‘toxic ingredients’, study confirms
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Religious Children Have Trouble Distinguishing Reality From Fiction

Seeing this exampled is scary …

A study out of Boston University examined how exposure to religion affects a child’s ability to distinguish between fact and fiction.
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#GirlsToo Pledge – Unite & Stop Sexual Harassment & Violence

For your consideration, I share this , and look forward

to signing for the Boy Scouts very soon.

Blessings & Peace


Pledge to join the movement against sexual harassment & violence toward women & girls. Recognize the Problem. Become the Solution. Make the Change.
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