Watch “Emergency Landlord Preparedness: Prepare Like a Pilot” on YouTube

Far from what has been my experience which will be clarified as partner has handled our property and rental experience has been similar in total abstinence of facts and reality .

My personal experiences have exposed the holes that deserve attention that benifit the 28 million in the flow of this energy .

I was told to go to my bedroom to accept workers in on a bogus leak that Thankfully I refused until I had a friend show up as witness and certainly triggered at the absolute force behind what I have to do negating any responsibility at all .

Not happening .

I Don’t Drink !

Eastern healing notes the Yin or Feminine energy of the pancreas ; where in imbalances of emotions cause distortions .

Fear driven energy has harsh karmic lessons in these abuses .

Being targeted has major impact though I take all precautions possible getting zapped spiritually is debilitating when intentional and with out merit or consciousness .

Intentions to get to Dr this week ..Quick trip as sister offered to get me there for treatment .

😇Blessings & Peace 🙏✌

Dona Luna 🐸😘❤

Rent Housing Assistance Petition

When Bullies Exceed Universal Boundaries

As a survivor who co owns property that was becoming extremely run down in mutual property as well as leased that’s Mom’s which is essentially his , perhaps also illegally .

The extent of financial abuse is yet unclear .

I did protest and he told me to shut up during 6 consecutive phone calls after I left lawyer #3 in disgust upon the suggestion that I sell my property to stop the abuse .

Legal Fees and Medical were made my responsibility in his version of truths ..

I was chemically straight jacketed by a ” brother” MD who cut away from his brilliant wife after her help in his foundation and birthing his 4 children who were pictured across his wall like the trophies they are .


I have endured this component and it’s weaponry as I healed and studied and experience and it’s much easier to discern .

I am keeping my promise to myself to know and do better but rejecting Christ Consciousness and growth which is compassionate and communicative and supportive rather than neglecting, negative or ignored behavior is glaringly apparent and begs highlighting to end this extremely low energy .

Character assination .

Masking abuses , openly shaming and creating drama in a get you at all cost is clearly reality .

This energy is being cleared Thankfully and I hope to be a warning that creates a better flow in foundations , without the negatives winning due to a tradition that has never had the light in far too much shadow .

Resistance clarifies what I found the legal system has begun to wake to in conscious lawyers ..

Landlords do domestically abuse as I well know from a marriage contract with my Landlord as he continues to avoid the truths that come through experiences that teach adversity . Trauma shows up in anger and rage and get even ; death to me to end the conflict or accusing me of being a crazy maker..

I’m not the judge nor jury but I am concluding the harsh lessons of not having a force outside myself rule my life so adversely .

My work has been delayed but not stopped and with increased involvement locally that is of higher energy and respectful and loving , I plant seeds and listen to your shadows and I throw as much light on that as I can .

Then it’s you !! Create your life , lighter .

When the student is ready the teacher shows up and vice versa.

So Blessed , which conflicts many I conclude the effects of wars on others which can and does bedevil them and spewing rather that taking ownership delays and compounds the Negative which does feel like hell.

Keep going

Don’t Look back .

Heaven on Earth is here .shadow is not pleased .

Trying to reason or avert or council or pray have not received favor so I surrender to what is .

I am counting on not going into further decline with a pancreatic attack which I have managed to do these last few days .

I am not seeking medical help until after ..Perhaps a week for the office will be closed the last week of July .

Have to have the strength to move and not invite congestive heart failure to the mix . I will prevail.

I have friends and clients and in between due with babies or Moms who need council and survivors that would benefit as I hear in my groups and this site builds , I am very thankful to be able to respond on many levels and I am held in higher consideration that does not test me but leaves me feeling the Divines hand on my back .

So I shall rise tomorrow , on my own..And ask for time to present ..

For US. I stand for this is far too common .

3 weeks ago I received text from the Mom of 4 sons aged 3 and under who lived below .

I was in council with her husband who responded as deeply as he could ; feeling totally over whelmed .

I saw improvement but was unaware of how he shared my council with his wife .

Her text was an affirmation of success in creating a foundation that had given her the space to reunite with spirit and she was very gracious in her Thanks and requested more guidance .🙏🎆😇🐸❤

I also received a call from out of state from a friend of 15 years who left her abuser .

And I discovered those who evoke harm or ill or disadvantage another have had challenges to nudge them as I did .

They do get easier and gratitude for all that is or will ever be replaces grief for each mistake or transgression authentic or masked or manufactured ; lighten your load.


Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Evictions, rent spikes big contributor to Washington’s homelessness crisis, study finds | KOMO

This too shall be transformed , sooner than later !

SEATTLE — With rent spikes and the decline of affordable housing, a team of University of Washington researchers are finding that evictions are a big contributor to the rise in homelessness across Washington state. Now they’ve created a “living document” that shows eviction rates by county, race and gender.
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