If you want to be a bad ass sexually empowered woman, embrace your inner hag.

That’s right.
The crone. The ancient old woman. The witch. The hag.

The crone archetype is an aspect of the feminine not exactly associated with sexuality.

Women groom themselves to be girls. The younger the better.
Paint those lips red and blush those cheeks like you are wet and ripe for impregnation.
Make them believe you are in perpetual ovulation.
Make them hard. Make them desire you
Get that face lift. Suck in that belly. Bat those lashes.

Guess what.
The crone doesn’t give a fuck.
And that is her power.

She embraces her spider lines and swinging, sagginess.
After all, this is what life does to the body of a woman…eventually!

Does that make you uncomfortable? Would you rather not see?
Her secret threatens to corrupt you.

She can make you wild.
She can reveal to you your power.
Your volcanic senseless holy
Once she opens her mouth, the jig is up.

They tell you she is crazy.

Dangerous because she has broken out of that jail cell you call restrictions.

How would you have sex if you didn’t give a fuck about how pretty you look?
Or how flat your stomach is?

The crone is not an object of desire.
She is free to claim her own desire.
In a world that praises women for being objects of desire.
Where the more lust you can seduce the more value you possess, the crone is laughing with that cackle that only women of power have.

She does not possess the enchanting beauty of the maiden or the fertile reproductive juices of the mother.

She no longer bleeds. She no longer bears children.
Her sex no longer waxes and wanes with the moon, gaining and draining energy with each passing tide.
She is full.
The portal to her blood has been sealed.

She is drinking in the nectar. She is bathing in its luminous darkness.
Her sex is a diamond pressed and polished by years of experience and wisdom.

She has passed through all the phases of initiation as a woman.
That heavy web of social conditions all feminine creatures are baptized into.

She is unraveling herself from these webs.
She has liberated her sex from all their stories.
She is making it to the other side.
Freeing herself.

Without the ability to be a mother or a sex object, what is left of a woman and her sex?
I’ll tell you what.
Pure power that doesn’t give a fuck.
Crazy wisdom that knows how to make love to the moment.
Sex that ripples through every authentic cell of your body.
Sex that pulses with every tiny whisper of life knowing life.

If you want to find the seat of your sexual power.
Your real deep sovereign sexual nature.
Find the crone that lives in you.
Wild. Ugly. Innocent. Real.

The real initiation begins here.

~ Maya Luna

Let us all embrace The Crone, and let us be sure that girls and the gender minority realize that she is the peak of the arc of our lives.

What’s your response?

Katharine Krueger ~ Journey Of Young Women
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Photo by Jean-Marc Caimi

When I’m a Crone

When I’m a Crone,
I will own my name.
There won’t be room
for other’s “haggard” projections,
making me out to be a woman who
has lost her sexual vitality.
Or a woman who
has lost her purpose
because I’m no longer fertile.

When I am a Crone
I will worship my body.
I will bask in
the sweet caresses
of my beloved.

And he will wash my feet,
because he is in reverence
of my journey.

When I am a Crone
I will wear the crescent moon
on my forehead,
because I have lived
through many moons
and each cycle
has made me wiser.

I am the High Priestess
ordained by the Earth itself.
My age, and the trials
that have come with it,
have made me powerful.

My voice is needed!

When I’m a Crone
I will lead the circle.
I’ll facilitate activities
to make our community stronger.
I will speak my truth!

When I’m a Crone
I will celebrate death.
I will be by my friend’s bedsides
when they transition.
And I will cheer them on!
As they enter the next phase
of their journey.

When I’m a Crone
I will have no fear.
Because I have lived
through the battles.
I have moved
through my insecurities.
I have learned to embrace
who I am
and I AM
who I want to be.

I am now a pillar for the community,
the wise and wholly CRONE!

~ Aurora FaeTerra

Photo: Lina Michal


Model: Ingmari Lamy


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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc represents the power that we all possess when we’re aligned with our calling. She is a legendary heroine in France for her role in the Hundred Years’ War. She was born in 1412 in Domremy, France. And at the age of thirteen, she had a vision that would change the course of her life.

She relates years later in transcripts from her trial after being captured by the English, that she would have preferred to stay in her hometown spinning wool. But, the power of her vision and her belief in the truth of it compelled her to follow the voice she heard within her. The vision was of the Archangel Michael accompanied by many angels. She said, “I saw them with my bodily eyes, as well as I am seeing you; and when they left, I wept.” The Archangel Michael told her that she was meant to drive out the English from France.

Dressed in men’s armor, Joan of Arc led several campaigns against the English and became a symbol of hope. The power of her conviction that she was acting on God’s behalf shifted the tenor of the war in France’s favor. She was captured in May of 1430 and taken to Rouen, which was then under English rule. A heresy trial led by Bisho Cauchon charged her with the repeat offense of cross-dressing. She was condemned and sentenced to death in May of 1431.
When your soul selects her card:

During Joan of Arc’s heresy trial, her interrogators asked her if she was in a state of grace. She answered, “If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.” Her unfaltering faith in the truth of her own visions made the impossible, possible. As a teenager, she led an army that changed the course of history for France. And
because of the trials, we have sworn testimony detailing the courage of her convictions and her own testimony about her visions of the Archangel Michael who inspired the course of her actions. “Act, and God will act,” she said. The faith she had in her vision allowed her to take on a task that had never been done before by a young woman. Her every action chanted, “I am not afraid; I was born to do this.”

She is associated with the Fleur-de-lis known as the flower of light. It represents the trinity, and the profound truth that the trinity would not exist without Mary, and her brave response to the angel Gabriel’s call. Joan, like Mary, knows she is directly connected to the divine, from within her, and she allows that connection to guide her.
Joan of Arc’s life is a testament to what is possible for us when we believe steadfastly in our own vision. She asks for us to move beyond our fear, to act on our truth, and to do this with the confidence of knowing that our every step is flanked with angels. “

-Excerpted from “The Divine Feminine Oracle” by Meggan Watterson; Art by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman (SheWhoIs)

“Joan of Arc”
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MCC shares sacred New Year Wisdoms

I’ve always been conflicted about resolutions at New Year’s, because I believe that we ought to be able to start over any day of the year. All we have to do is wake up on any given morning and say “right then, here we go”. But the turning of the year holds a lot of symbolism, and has its own powerful tilt, and it’s a good thing to harness —so here are a few thoughts to share this night.

Instead of resolving to improve something in the future, or leave behind something in the past, I want to pay more attention to the present. Here, where I am. The things that give me purpose and meaning, identity and joy are all here with me, now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow.
Here, now. They are just waiting to be noticed.

So are the small things: the smell of rain, the anticipation of a new book, the look in Angus’ eyes. These are gifts-And a gift of the pandemic is that it has allowed me to truly observe all 4 seasons here at the farm. It has been strange to realize that until I stopped traveling, I had never seen how utterly glorious that maple tree turns in the yard in October. Or how green the fields are in late June. And the slant of light on a fall twilight.
Or how the birdsong in spring in the early morning is a musical overture. I know how lucky I am to have these…I want to see more, listen more closely. These small things are my peace & inspiration and help me to be more fully myself in the world.

When it’s time to bid 2021 farewell, I hope that you too can tally the small things that are the lights of your days, the rhythms that you set your inner clock to, the quiet that we can invite into our noisy heads.

Every time that I crack open a fresh, new journal of blank pages I write the same thing on the first page, as a mantra: keep it simple.
And I should probably add Ms Dickinson’s wisdom as well, given that I already borrowed it for a song called New Year’s Day: I Dwell in Possibility…whispering that life is about creativity, expression, hope.

“In dreams or in our waking
It’s just enough to say
Love and grace and endless flowers
Be ours on New Year’s Day”

See you next year 💐

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