Where have You Been ?

Paired with the Notebook …A Star Is Born, Out

Of Africa…

The essence never leaves one’s soul of a Beloved

as the forward movement may be but delayed .

Patience is Prayer , as Divinity speaks of forgiveness

in a grand Unification, the Union of Souls

who join in a mission …ordained lifetimes

and many lessons ago…


Standing Knee Deep in River , Dying of Thirst

This beautiful 80’s song , haunted me

not being enough, I failed , as Kathy sings

in my unknowing ..

I wept as I listened , for ” her” , myself at that

time in comradely that I can still relate to in

council …It’s a true transformation of Joy

to know how to plant seeds that begin trans

formations, that soul calls me in form.

#3 The Bridge , also has shadow …That shadow

has been teaching me the vital need to balance

ground and nurture myself , at this time

as well as council within boundaries that

are a liberating and uniting and loving .

It is my belief that many , are experiencing

a return to love 💕, within, without in solidarity

as Soldiers of Love.

As no less than modern day disciples, and we

are weary , but victorious .

My next post is celebratory , and sung by the

same artist ..


A Song Called ‘Quiet’ Struck A Chord With Women. Two Years Later, It’s Still Ringing : NPR

Born as a vessel for one person’s trauma, the song by MILCK became an anthem overnight after the 2017 Women’s March. But it wasn’t done growing.
— Read on www.npr.org/2019/01/14/683694934/milck-quiet-womens-march-american-anthem

My Heart Will Go On

Displays of tears were met with a weird silent dismissal

which I now openly allow , just as I do smiles .

A Beloved , much younger , came to me in a dark time

and before he left the United States , we had a parting

that included his singing this song to me , and saying

he knew our connection was such that he would come

to me in time…A very sweet Soul , I don’t have to ” see ”

to know his love 💕, a reunion is not vital, for the time

we were heart united , filled me and allowed me so much

hope on a much deeper level . Even saying goodbye , I

knew Joy , for the invaluable experience .. in that knowledge

I became aware many soul mates , twin flames come to

one , it’s the one that has awareness of or desire for Enchanted

Love with my all my dimensions🤩🎶


3 Way. I have that thrust at me with any progress with 1Sun

I not linger utilize this type of music in my

self healing , their Divine message allowed

me to mourn , grief that shall always be with

me in soul codes , I share with many .


It may resonate if a realization of a 3 rd presence

ignored , consumed a marriage and 4 souls

without consent . Stepping out of other’s karmic

shadow is huge.. What has taken you away is

Mountainous , and tools lacking, trauma and

a society of land mines , created the light to

guide us , despite the other’s shadow and or

resistance , we must rise in the creation of love

and service .

Tears were not availed today upon listening

as this song came up , so I am feeling I have

passed a test , and feel grateful for not even

knowing it was.. peace ☮️

Amos Lee’s Dresser Drawer is another release

song ..I had that experience , finding his things

within in mine, in his haste , to be rid of me.

Of course in my medicated state I was furious .

So happy to be past that , and more discerning .


Amos Lee

Careless( Bluegrass Underground)