Watch “Erykah Badu – Next lifetime” on YouTube

Lots of folks are waking to what

is not a reality ..and releasing

“contracts ” , even with what

feels sacred and the Divine

Counterpart of this life time .

Reunions are ignored , in lieu

of fear , wanting to control what

is ordained on high .

Delays of years are being

released as unions of souls be

comes reality..

Others become aware there are

options , including resisting

any contact at all..

I’m surrendered to knowing

and doing better , trusting my

journey , Thy Will Being Done .

I grasp the light that I share is

often reflected by the other..

Intentions are fleeting and time

silence negate the soul

connection .

It’s common to feel rejected but I

am more discerning , and don’t

hold the shame or blame of

anther, past , current or future .

I’m at peace ✌