Messages , I have no shame in sharing what has evolved in self truths on deep levels . Crazy ?

I may come off as crazy , rather than a seeker of truths

and collective consciousness has a responsibility to speak

up and those who are receiving, share the message .

Some are intrigued and search further , like Dora the Explorer

I am but a seed planter , more and more fertile , as pearls

of wisdoms come to me as affirmations , as ancestors ,

as present , and future that is all I know as spirit .

Between traffic, I have noisy birds , messaging , trees

Chattering , life ongoing .

My physical soothing is tangible , as is my spiritual..

The silent support of the Universe , whilst I again

prepare to face my abuser ..

I hug the Mother Love and the support that daily

increases in awareness of the separation of families

for profit , power , and ongoing oppositional

benefits to corporate America’s militant denial

of a more civil , moral and just society.

No more mask, no more falsehoods ,it’s

Show and Tell time .

Begin gently with Dick and Jane ….

May you be Blessed by just what your need/desire today .

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

There are no spiritual rules .

Go rest Higher On That Mountain .

I play this song , I choose for Dad’s funeral

and share in lieu of Mother’s Day , for

my Dad-Mom , who watching me on

high , on my mountain home .

Justice shall be done , in the name

of my Father , he assured me .

And daily I hear him , Punkin’

You have made me proud , and

you deserve better, it’s on its way .

Just as had that quizzical/magical

look as we arrived at Disney World

Owning that I would never have imagined

this in my whole life …I get it .

Magical May

He’s always in my heart ❤️.


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

This Artist with Synesthesia Sees Colors in Music and Paints Your Favorite Songs – Broadly

This is pretty cool !

Melissa McCracken grew up with a neurological condition that means she processes songs as colors—a gift that translates into paintings inspired by her favorite musicians.
— Read on

Love is On the Way

Love ❤️ never left; and it’s within and without

in all things ..

a very moving song by Celine Dion’, whose

music opens me to my essence of joy hope

& most of all love ❤️.

A lovely thunderstorm is headed in , a friend

drops in later …

Productive in receiving love , cleared 40 messages

from May 18, Saved 6 or more special May messages .

They were food for my soul, words of connection

seldom allowed …



Blessings & Much Peace

Doña Luna

Treat Her Like a Lady @ Celine Dion’

I’m defiantly a fan, but haven’t listened for a while

but the road trip Monday for dental work

gave rise to pop in Let’s talk about Love .

Treat Her Like A Lady , 99 ish , a pivotal

year for me , was the sassy cry to equality

in jamming Celine, that conveyed the odd

but soul mate twin flame connection that

manifested through a union that cherished

each other , worked and played hard,

and stuck 2gether. She lost him and her

brother in a short space between.. shadow

nor love exempt .. surrender shows as does

her gaunt grief , her acceptance, tempered

by a life rich with 3 sons , her work and play.

She is a beautiful soul…


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Between Here & Gone – Mary Chaplin Carpenter

Mary has a home in Virginia , in fact born here ,

and as her unique artist self exhibits her deep

sensitivity , and was diagnosed as Bipolar

Manic Depressive, as many creative folks are .

As I was ..lights out .

Lights back and one thing I realized early on

I would connect with artist , musicians,

as I have in delicious ways for 9 years .

I wear sunglasses , for many reasons , other

than hiding . I am a writer, an observer , not

in judgement , but it aides me in my understanding

of human nature . It shakes some folks up , and

2 recently brought it up . One figured out given

my separation from our children , the other

asked me to remove them . She prefers to see eye

to eye , as do I , and I adore her authenticity.

Eyes are the window to the soul , and I can dig

that , however when triggered , or sensitive to the

situation , or need to just chill , I like my sunglasses .

I do have sensitive eyes , and wear sunglasses over

transition lenses .

I haven’t traditionally been a joiner , and avoided

being a leader though I have been encouraged to

speak , YouTube and write a book , by Carole

Carbon , my mentor/councilor/family , from 2010

until 2017 . Her home town experienced , what she

said was horror from fires , and I haven’t had extra

funds for counseling. She was a major liberator

and Certified me as a Intuitive Councilor

in 2013 .. I have not charged anyone yet.

I am no longer Between Here and Gone ,

nor do I not know where I belong .

All is perfect order , Angels 👼🏼 and so much

more , has given light that speaks of alchemy

and an ever after , that are the stuff dreams are

made of..holding dreams of a life time , centered

in my faith and my hope ..

Weak with this , giddy, weepy , laughing ,

sleeping deeply as heaven in all it’s beauty

and renewal , come to earth ..

I intend to see here this year 2019.


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Between Here & Gone