How Researchers Killed Cancer Cells with Just a Human Voice

Sharing a friend’s gift 🎁

Indigenous cultures have used sound as a powerful healing tool for millennia β€” how is that ancient knowledge being used for healing today?
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What If. India Arie’

Angels to the left

Angels to the right

Angels below

Angels above

We are the ones we have been waiting for .

All is in perfect order .

Open your heart to receive ❀️

Be 😘❀️

Discerning , Dreaming , Owning Your Power 🌟

Owning your mission

Owning you are ready for or very close ..

Owning you are teacher/student .

Owning you are masculine/feminine.

Owning your light as well as your shadow .

Owning self forgiveness ,as well as self love.

Surrendering to Divine who has your planted

seeds , well loved and ready to manifest

as love πŸ’• offerings .

Be mindful, listen closely , messages of love

abound . Regeneration takes us into April’s

Rebirth…Changes surrender to your highest

good .. all supports you in your return to love.

The reason we are here.

All else shall be revealed for transforming

or elimination..

And yes , it’s one hell of a purge , to pull

Heaven to Earth , Light is Winning against

the dark..

Our hears must collapse from these past hurts

in order to receive the cosmic light of love and healing .

I pray for the transformation of those who hold

on to anything that detracts them ..

It’s show time .. perhaps 8 more days of openings

of light.

Nothing is stopping this leap of consciousness.

Not even the clouds or chemtrails can stop

this Divine energy .

Love has won.. I am at peace . I am loving

my candles , the howling wind , and the cycles

that must close that new beginnings with

so much more gratitude and so much deeper

heart adoration and hope that a very special

soul with whom I shared a full moon with

11 months ago , is feeling the moon magic

and harmony with all that is , that will be.


Angel From Montgomery Bonnie Raitt Has Long Been A β€œ Release β€œ Song

I release as needed , and so far today has been very therapeutic.

I find I resonate , more often than not , and that’s so more

with water signs or those with heavy water influence .

Youngest son has his Moon ( Mother ) in Pisces and may

not want to understand how much we have in common

yet unexplored since his trauma and mine in 89

that I have been made aware of . And that pains me

for mother and child , all that erased is worthy of notice.

I therefore include all related in my journey thus far

to nudge or plant seeds , and wish you God Speed .

Ditto with Beloved’s & Children , Grandkids ..

I’m totally in awe of your journey whatever that be .

With so much light about to download upon us

all, it’s about clearing your inner ” closet ” and

DudieDoos that’s a personal choice .

So I’m clearing , with my music, sharing and telling

you the unhealed begs to be transformed , surrendered ,

cleared , that you receive every ounce of light that Cosmic

Father Sun sends our way… eventually he may exit,

however we have many fathers and mothers , created

as a collective , as a village , of guides who are right here

as we bring heaven to earth.

My head opens up, sinus and all, my body is less taught

and I’m ready for a hot salt bath, and a meal, then

writing .

However if a nap comes up , I’m game ..

I was honored today in receiving the acknowledgement of

being considered a sister by a male friend of 9 years .

We share O blood and some other interesting ties ,

which is great when it works and not so much at other

times . It has been brutal oftentimes , craziness. It’s trauma

and the repression of males , fueling anger, loss, grief


It’s time to acknowledge men as worthy in their infancy

and childhood to receive masculine and feminine energy

in harmony and knowing of the highest interest of said

child as intention , for spiritual evolution, and healthy

children. Removing all that interferes with the best interest

of the child is transforming to their own personal soul rights .

They will demand the balance ; it’s begun, it’s unfolding

and so I rejoice despite of or including the hardships .

Awareness , and proof beyond reason , unity in the 🌎

all is alighted ..

I dare believe πŸŒΊπŸ€©πŸ€“πŸ’―

Silver Linings – Bonnie Raitt

Always consider yourself smothered and covered

with diamonds πŸ§šπŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§šπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‡πŸ€©πŸ’―πŸ˜˜

It is that kind of day for me , my heart bids

welcome all that is in my highest intent and

evolution ..

Thy Will Be Done & So it IS .