As a target of weaponized silence I am aware when anyone uses this against me .

As such I’m aware of the distortion within the heart mind and soul of such an individual whose actions do not keep pace with their words . Or these words are omitted thus a feeling of correctness for not having truth within and challenged resort to covert acts .

Reminds Me of You , Van Morrison

Years have passed since I felt the loss of a marriage that did not serve higher ground .

Coming to I knew that pills , drink , sex etc we’re not the antidote for the pain of what this marriage did to our sons .

Secrets are still unraveling but long ago when I mourned and ruminated , I can more objectively experience life ; many remedies and healing modalities await the ardent seeker .

So memories dim as does pain that I know will never fully abate , but will never be manipulated to abuse me or our children .

Circle has closed never to be unbroken again .