The Lack of Gentle Platonic Touch in Men’s Lives is a Killer – The Good Men Project

I see it, I feel it, it resonates , please read 🦉🤓

Mark Greene explores how in American culture, men avoid all contact rather than risk even the hint of causing unwanted sexual touch.
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MIA Survey: Ex-patients Tell of Force, Trauma and Sexual Abuse in America’s Mental Hospitals – Mad In America

Nightmare come to life for me, patients

robbing a wealthy patient of her precious

jewlery , dental patients who had all teeth

removed at once .

A diabetic who had both legs amputated.

An El-Vira co patient on watch , who attempted

to choke me to death 1st night in..

Not a healing place

Added trauma , Added Abuse , I went home

changed and rearranged , knowing how

unsupported I was , owing my abuse , I

took my fragmented self home, to

” comply” as a wife, and to mother our sons.

Complying meant being away from sons

in order to support partner .. 5 years later

I complied with psychiatry that I was mentally

ill, instead of abused , surrogated , lied to

and cheated on.

5 years later , I as well as our sons where abandoned

for his happiness .

In a MIA survey of former patients in mental hospitals, nearly 500 respondents told of an experience that was traumatic and involved force and abuse.
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Joy in 3

my sister and I visited recently and as I shared recent

pictures of youngest son, we both broke out in tears

due to his current bald head .

Clearly he is returning to his original hair status lol

Such a beautiful joy filling loving depiction captured

35 years ago.. Beauty and Light 🥰

Love for the Father n The Son , Vince Gill, Allison Kris’s, & Ricky Scaggs

My offering to Dad , always my truth, and his to me

As much as possible .

That became intense in his decline as I cleared enough

to be present for him. Failures were not anticipated

as shadow fought and won on levels , that light could not

yet transform.

That time is here, and so for all Fathers and all Sons

the Divinity of masculine healing began March 15

in a 3 year intensive . We shall hold you but not hold

on to you , as you rise , doing no harm😍

Dad is rocking this ! And so I rejoice that he ” made it”

in the highest possible Divinity despite the adversity

that tested him , all his days 🥰

I Believe