Empathy and Lovers , S.Campbell PhD

Empathetic people are the most beautiful, and oftentimes the most misdirected and abused. Sadly, having a soft heart can get us locked into traumatic love connections where the gift of our empathy works against us. Empathy is something we feel for another person as we try and place ourselves in their shoes. When we are giving this to a manipulator, we are finding empathy and understanding in places that we shouldn’t. We do this because we want to believe people are honest, good, and authentic, so we project these qualities onto our abusers as a way to stay in the relationship and to avoid our own feelings and fears of abandonment. We cannot stand behind ourselves with zero empathy and give it out to those who do not deserve it and make our way into a happy life or relationship. Step back for a minute and ask yourself why are you not being empathetic towards yourself, towards the pain you feel at the hands of the toxic people/person in your life, and giving yourself the sage advice to do better for yourself? We must ask ourselves why it is so foreign to us to take the loving advice we would offer to others in the same position? If we could practice being more empathetic towards ourselves, we would certainly develop a more honest relationship with ourselves, which would lead us more naturally into making healthier decisions when choosing relationships with others because we would never want anyone to hurt in the ways we are hurting.

Lacking Empathy – video of testing for Narcissist Personality Disorder

Lack of Empathy
“Narcissists’ ability to respond emotionally and express appropriate care and concern is significantly impaired. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, narcissists lack empathy. They’re “unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.” (APA, 2013) Research shows that they have structural abnormalities in brain regions associated with emotional empathy. (See “How to Tell if a Narcissist Loves You.”)
“They may claim they love you, but you must determine whether you feel loved by the way they treat you. Real love requires empathy, compassion, and deep knowledge of the one we care for. We show active concern for that person’s life and growth. We try to understand their experience and world view though it may differ from ours. If you haven’t experienced such genuine love or it was mixed with abuse, then you may not appreciate real love nor expect to be treated any better.”

Testing for NPD


Coming Out – SuperPowers Of Empathy

Today I rejoice in total acceptance, of all that

got me here .. Ancestors whom were perceived

as this or that, labeled forever negatively

as well as some living had/mask their sensitivities .

My current research has graced me , beyond

measure , in a true liberation that has resulted

in so much love ❤️ and liberation I am weak

with it .. Truths convey so much lightness

of being and where I must dwell.

While I am mindful of others energies , I

have amassed armor that shields me , or I

can transmute quickly , in large part due to

final exams, that signify that graduation has

allowed me mastership, and anyone who

is threatened by me , is not .. I decide how

much energy I wish to put in any situation

and in doing so have reduced repeated drains

as I live as quietly and peaceful as possible .

‘Tis only a facet of being multi-dimensional

a result of so many experiences good/bad

and all between , of many life’s .

Our conditioning, and social denial of

our essential self , has failed as we witness the

evolutionary leap forward , and the knowledge

and acceptance of our many gifts , will be

exposed .

The insanity of repression , thus depression

is the shadow being revealed that much can

be transmuted , rejected , and eliminated .

Exits will increase of those who can move on

and those whose nature is shadow , denial

greed , abuse , etc .. our Leap forward threatens

their status quo , steeped in failure to own

their power to heal their own wounds …

I honor both , I honor I have made all efforts

possible in many cases , and I release and forgive

myself if I erred, in ignorance, and I release

my responsibility , in honor of the individual

choice of one’s destiny .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna


Trauma in childhood leads to empathy in adulthood – Big Think

Not always

A new study suggests that children who suffer through major trauma grow up to be adults with greater levels of empathy than others.
— Read on bigthink.com/mind-brain/childhood-trauma-adult-empathy