Dark side of empathy in Narcissist – Childress

Look – the recommended treatment for narcissistic personality pathology – DBT.

From Giacomo et al: “Dialectical Behavior Therapy is based on the agreement that emotions might be frightful and at times, unbearable. This skills-based approach is recognized to support NPD people in determining their own needs and values and answer to responses from others appropriately” (p. 9)

Reed-Knight B, Fischer S. (2011) Treatment of narcissistic personality disorder symptoms in a dialectical behavior therapy framework. In: Campbell WK, Miller JD editors. The Hand\book of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The therapy needed for the family courts is court-adapted Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) informed by Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS).

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857


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I surrender to and honor “old souls” who are

Magic ,Mystical , Walking & Talking Historians

It’s wisdom that is timeless as we strive to

exit negatives of past .

This morning I danced in a pj top and a sheet

and felt like my actress self as a young child.

With little furniture there is dance room and

I did and I felt renewed ..I am weary now

as I wash , dry , sort and hang cloths , much

to give away ..it’s exciting .

I was given new things , by a lady , goddess who

stole my heart with her compassionate nurture

and friendship ..So this new life is a reality .

I’m in a home to witness Mother Earth , in Spring and

Summer , having a taste of the worst of Winter

I learned a lot and my list increased of required

readiness items , lol .

But I’m good , ready for bath and bed after some

dinner .

Pay should hit and my $3.37 balance increases!

As my inheritance hits , I’m wisely manifesting

my dreams , many of childhood , many of our

sons …Beloved and never having to worry about home

or being unheard , I have such peace today , as

I am called on to aide many in abusive situations

that example the less concious , who in these

days , highlight the disparity in legal judgements .

Writing in , the lease …cannot sue company

Oh but that’s a very bad move ….

I have a suit that should be open, and it’s

clear what’s going on.

Talking legal is not fun..glad I have close and trusted

advisors .©


Blessings & Much Peace ☮️💯🙏✌️❤️🥰

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Shadow operates best when fear and anger cloud judgement and reason .

Awareness of folks aligned with this energetically is difficult but I determined long ago to survive and thrive as I offer my efforts to know and do better .

The Shadow Of Society by Dr Gabor Mate’

His bottom line with which I concur

is : end the mourning , and organize

Thy Will , Be 🤩 Done