Soul – Delores Cannon

Birth Misconceptions:

Clearing up a common misconception about birth and when the soul enters the body. Many people assume it’s at conception (or when the heart forms) but we have actually found that to be inaccurate.

We have learned via QHHT regressive hypnosis that the soul usually enters the body around the time of first breath. It can enter the body before first birth if it wishes to, but it’s not really an enjoyable experience to be in the womb. (Quite frankly, it’s pretty confining and boring!)

Most bodies are on autopilot (just like they go on autopilot as we sleep) while they’re in the womb. The soul usually waits outside the body, observing its environment and parents. They can also still speak with their soul guides during this time to get extra assistance before they’re born. The soul is welcome to come and go as it pleases, right up until birth. The only prerequisite for birth is that the soul enters the body at first breath, which is when the silver cord must be tethered from the soul to the physical body. Failure to do so will result in a stillbirth. Stillbirths usually happen when a soul has chosen not to enter the body at the last minute, for whatever reason.

Miscarriages are also similar. We have learned that miscarriages usually happen when the soul backs out of the contract it had with that particular body. Often because it wanted to change something about themselves last minute. Perhaps it wanted to change its gender, or appearance, or even just their date of birth, which would change their natal (astrology) chart. When this happens, the same soul will usually return to the same parent(s) at a later date.

It’s also important to note that no soul is lost with an abortion. Souls know very far in advance if a particular body won’t survive long. Abortion is a conscious decision that is respected on the other side. If a woman doesn’t wish to carry the body to full term and plans to abort, then no soul will take the body. It would be completely pointless to do so. Therefore, no soul is lost. It’s just an empty vessel. Abortions are ALWAYS a life lesson for the adults in the equation. – Admin Lara