Man with honor ; No Worries

It’s hard to explain how it feels to be with a man that you never have to worry about. You never have to question or second guess. You never have to call him repeatedly, never catch him in a lie. Never wonder where he is or when he’s coming home. Never wonder when the next time he will break your heart may be. Never wonder if he thinks you’re perfect, or if you’re his dream come true. Never wonder if the love is real. Never wonder if it’s going to last, or if it’s going to be forever.

I never have to wonder. And until you get that same exact thing…. keep waiting. If you’ve given up hope that this man exists, allow me to reassure you, he’s out there.

Balance of masculine & feminine

The divine feminine is stepping into her power

For decades now

Women have recklessly fought

To be acknowledged, seen and heard

In the trenches of a man’s war

She thought the solution

Was to become more like a man

So she became…







And controlling

This has not worked…

This has only served to create relentless battles of the sexes

In a world where male physical strength

Will always intimidate and dominate the smaller female vessel

What she didn’t understand

Is that the aforementioned traits are in fact

Masculine weaknesses…

Weaknesses which only serve

To promote dysfunction and disharmony

In a society already programed to run on fear

A society which conditions us

To view ourselves as separate entities

Each trying to survive in a dog eat dog world

Controlled by masculine force

This year the new female is being rebirthed…

She is no longer seeing her strengths

As being purely masculine traits

She understands her true power

Comes from stepping into her feminine qualities

Knowing she has strength in her softness

She has power in her surrender

She has wisdom in her intuition

And she has love in her heart centred approach

She is embodying her feminine strengths…













Balancing them with the her masculine strengths…













She is strong without being controlling

She is powerful without being aggressive

And she is an undeniable force of nature

Determined to change the world

Through her love

Meanwhile our beautiful divine masculines

Are also adjusting to the new energetic balance…

He is no longer seeing the softer female as a threat

Or a creature to be feared

Now he too is able to embody more of his feminine energies

Creating a truly formidable balance of power

Within himself as a whole

The time has come for him to lay down his defences

And relate to the feminine with renewed



And appreciation

Offering her protection and a sanctuary of safety

While the world on a grander scale

Also adjusts to the new energetic harmonies

Of unity and peace

Understanding that the balance

Of masculine and feminine strengths

Is in fact the ultimate divine power…

Within each individual

Within every relationship

And on a global scale

Balance is the key

The journey is human

The mission is love

Gemma Star

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My friend Erica nails it

By Erica Joy Olsen

Fellow Pisces

Very proud of and for her

My latest addition to my compassion toolbox. I have a new found appreciation for the masculine struggle. We live in a world where a concerted effort was made to replace the wild man with the savage man. Becoming civilized and christianized (I’m not talking about Jesus’ teachings. I’m talking about how it was manipulated to subjugate people), being told to blindly follow orders, to turn the other cheek, being told that in order to receive spiritual enlightenment one had to turn away from sensuality…. The women became evil temptresses…. Some men even castrated themselves.
Over the years boys stopped seeing their fathers working a trade with their hands that would be handed down to them. They saw their fathers distantly, exhausted from having to comply and work to make someone else rich.
As necessary as feminism was and still is, men were asked by women to tame themselves, but by other men to blindly follow orders, turning warriors into soldiers, making them capable of committing atrocities… but some fights are still worth fighting, yet it’s hard to tell which ones, and whatever you choose it can feel like damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
We were all separated from our ancestors, deprived of important initiations. Men’s left(Feminine) sides withered. Women’s right(masculine) sides withered. I mean, regardless of gender we weren’t even allowed to hold a pen in our left hands!
Men were ostracized for expressing feelings, necessary for them to make informed compassionate decisions that could actually protect and serve. Women were robbed of their ability to make decisions for themselves and became mere objects.
This isn’t a man vs woman issue to me anymore. This is an US issue. Because we are all imbalanced and need to reclaim what we lost! But i will say that men still have the upper hand in making these long overdue changes, in standing up against the abuse of patriarchy, and they need help from the feminine to do this.
Whatever issues you have with androgeny, gender fluidity, trans, my take is that it’s the necessary evolutionary response to what has become of us.
I could go on but let me finish by saying that I SEE YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!


love a man

If you want to change the world… love a man… really love him…

Love the man whose soul clearly calls to yours… the man who sees you… the man who has enough courage to be afraid…

He accepts his hand and gently guides it deep into your heart where he can feel your warmth and rest…and burn his heavy burden in your fire…

Look him in the eye…find his parents and grandparents and those wars where their spirits fought…in distant lands in ancient times…find his pains and fights and torments and guilt without judgment…and let it all go…let go…feel his ancestral burden…
what he seeks is a safe haven in you…let him melt into his steady gaze knowing you don’t need to mirror that fury…because you have a womb…a deep sweet door…to wash and renew old wounds…

If you want to change the world… love a man… really love him…

Sit before him… in the full majesty of your femininity… in the breath of your vulnerability… in the play of your childlike innocence… in the depths of your death…

invite him to blossom… softly surrendered… and allow his masculine power to step towards you… and swim together in the womb of the earth in silent knowing…
and when he retreats…because he will…escaping in fear to his cave…gather your grandmothers around you…wrapped in their wisdom…listen to their tender whispers…calming your frightened childish heart…inviting you to stillness…and patiently await his return …sit and sing by his door…a song of remembrance…that he can calm down once again…If you want to change the world…love a man…really love him…

do not deceive his little boy…with guile and trickery and seduction and witchcraft…only to trap him in a destructive web of chaos and hatred more terrible than all the wars his brothers have fought…that is not feminine…it is revenge…it is the poison of the corrupt bloodline… of the abuse of the ages… of the violation of our world…
that does not give power to the woman… but it reduces her while she castrates him and kills us all… and if her mother could not support him, show him a true woman now support him and guide him with your grace and depth…