Jab: COVID & Flu Shedding


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Many of our NaturalHealth365 readers have expressed concern about “Covid shot shedding.”  People are worried about the unwanted exposure to harmful toxins found inside the mRNA Covid shots.

Today, we offer Protection from Vaccine Shedding … download this complimentary eBook today and end the fear surrounding this issue.

Top medical experts will reveal:

  • The factors that put you at higher risk of developing symptoms after being exposed to those who have been jabbed
  • What you can do to successfully and safely detox your body to prevent serious symptoms from exposure
  • Top protocols for how to boost your natural immunity and ultimately protect you from getting sick after vaccine shedding exposure.

Always protect your immune system from harm, 

-Jonathan Landsman


PS. When you download your gift eBook, you’ll also get complimentary access to a brand NEW docuseries called, “BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously, created by Mr. Otto, a natural health researcher and long-time supporter of my NaturalHealth365 programs.

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Lymph Nodes : Massage-Acupuncture- Release toxins , inflammation . Pain

I’m looking forward to one myself


Sugar Sweetened Beverages = Cancer

I know quite a few folks who I know got the jab and COVID in some cases who still drink tons of alcohol, soft drinks and fast food and the aging process has accelerated and yes if cancer is present ; the sugar or fake sugars as new sugars . Education is key

I’ve watched as coke is the lunch drink , Diet Coke and 2/3 refills from a self professed ” I’ll eat anything ”

Finally noticed a definite hump and apparently never made the connection .

Fridge packed full of food . Always pushing food on child who is highly sensitive and very active thus requiring ” fuel”.

It’s scary to witness ; partner is very vulnerable and body shows the results of poor sugar laden diet

It’s said we all are carrying cancer cells and the business of treating cancer is huge $$$, and folks getting the jabs ( of any kind ) are unaware of the ” science” of vaccines .

Bill Gates , like Ex Prez Trump states he relies on the science , does not vaccine , his children were not vaccines .

I’ve always have had a problem with the ” class system ” that allows such demonic folks like Gates etc to dictate medical decisions $$$

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