Water : Facts

I studied water, in 05/6, learning about water tension and cell saturation and acidic vs alkaline.

I have been subject to heavy metals in water and I’ve had strong detox symptoms to high PH provided by a machine attached to a water source . A guy I knew drank gallons of this high PH , 8.5 and called me with a blockage in his urea and I advised him to stop the high PH as it was essentially rusting up his urinary tract .

He passed a glob of infected matter tinged with blood and was relieved and very thankful .

I read of his having prostate cancer so apparently he did not seek medical advice .

Choose a water that gives you cellular saturation or else it’s quickly eliminated as I tend to stay near that dehydration constantly.

Blessings 🙏 Peace

❤️DonaLuna 🐸



Water is sacred and an element that is fundamental to our existence. The Earth and our bodies are around 70% water. It also holds memory so speak your prayers and intentions into it. You can do this to a glass of water, in the bath, shower, in the ocean etc. Tap into the power of this primordial element.

Profound wisdom from Ancestor Baba Credo Mutwa from the Spirit is Eternal documentary.
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