Autopsy ‘s of CV are very telling .

Hypoxia is the death of brain cells by lack of oxygen .

From all I read here , I don’t sense virus but radiation poisoning .

Chlorine in drinking water first linked to heart attacks and stroke in the 1960s & now cancer … so why is it still in our drinking water? | Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Look at the independent research people. Water supplies world wide are producing negative health effects with major scares going on. Chlorine is the new sticking plaster for all the polluted waterways. However it is carcinogenic. We are being slowly poisoned. Many families will not know this, and many if they do know, will not be…
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New bill would allow farmers to sue Monsanto if GMO crops invade their property

This is progress and should be world wide. The US is 3rd world

in allowing these chemicals , while it’s banned . Monsanto

was aware of this and dumped it , Bayer buying it , will

eventually be destroyed , for their liabilities , which only

points out the force of greed , which will not be the force

hereafter ..

Farmer’s in Oregon could finally get a win in their fight against companies like Monsanto. House Bill 2739 is under consideration and, if passed, it would allow farmers and landowners to sue biotech patent holders like Monsanto for essentially trespassing on their property.
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