Oregon’s Child Welfare System Hit With Another Class-Action Lawsuit

Ripple or Butterfly effect , by all that is

Sacred, Divine and Holy , we are collectively

shutting out the dark, dank energy that causes

a child harm .

You can bank on it .

The shift, the shift that had many components

is upon us , and many felt as I did , a release

a stand your ground,

a stand up for love .

It’s awesome to feel so calm, and in old

business, it was dead calm .

45-60 days to create my personal plan

Full moon old time line , end cycle stats

that catalyzed me into transforming my

life ,stripped of everything ..standing alone

was imperative , emotions were a force

and along the way , my dreams as a child

began to unfold..little by little , until

I began to realize , I was aware , but shrouded

as if veiled, that life could teach me so many

lessons, high/low , good/bad , and thus transform

so much dark shadow , into light …

Trials & Tribulations ..

About now, it’s gratitude , and knowing I

don’t have to relive any negatives , my

unfolding blueprint is Thy Will, Magic,

Hope , and Unicorns , Mystical Stuff , Plus

gods goddesses, and star people , as well

as earthlings ..Multidimensional are US

Love & Light with in our Warrior Light Brigade



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

The suit was prompted by a growing number of foster children in Oregon sent to homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers and out of state facilities.
— Read on chronicleofsocialchange.org/child-welfare-2/oregons-child-welfare-system-hit-with-lawsuit-after-a-rising-number-of-foster-kids-sent-to-institutional-placements

Dryer Sheets Contain over 15 Deadly Chemicals. More Harmful and Toxic than Any Cleaning Products – Anya Vien

I only use organic .. laundry mat dryers locally are not being

cleaned , and the dryer sheet smell is imbedded in cloths

after , so I go into the city if need be …

Dryer Sheets Contain over 15 Deadly Chemicals. More Harmful and Toxic than Any Cleaning Products – Anya Vien
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Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 Puts Big Pharma First, America Second

Many invest and support chemical companies , it’s a

definite conflict as over 80% of Americans take some

form of psychiatric drug, which ends up dispersed in

water systems , intent on destroying human kind for

profit ..

Donald Trump says lowering pharmaceutical prices is one of his top priorities. But his new version of NAFTA would bar Congress from curtailing patent monopolies on biologic drugs. House Democrats say that provision of the USMCA is unacceptable.
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Lyrica, Pfizer, and how big pharma gets what it wants

In 2005 , upon a fibromyalgia diagnosis , I was prescribed

Lyrica for pain management .. I was warned by Dr or NP

that I would have 3 days of intense adjustment , which

my trusted pharmacist explained would take several weeks .

Suicidal ideology hit harder that warned. My weight had

dropped quickly due to psychiatric RX with no concern

from shrink ..side effects didn’t seem to phase him.

As my gut began to swell up , and I researched deeply

I made the choice to quit totally ..I did and have no regrets.

I saved my own life . I’ll never apologize for that .

” “The drug has been linked to more than 250 drug overdose deaths and six ##suicides. More than 85,000 Australians are abusing #pregabalin, according to one study. Concerned doctors are scrambling to deal with the fallout.” #Lyrica #pfizer #bigpharma” Hormones Matter

posted :

In 2011, no one had heard of Pfizer’s pain pill Lyrica. Eight years later, it is one of Australia’s most prescribed drugs. Here’s how that happened.
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Big Pharma Synthetic Marijuana Leaves 2 Dead, 89 Hospitalized In Illinois | Health Digest

Big Pharma Synthetic Marijuana Leaves 2 Dead, 89 Hospitalized In Illinois | Health Digest
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