Mother Mary

Mother Mary is one of the most highly evolved beings to incarnate in a position of great power and influence on our planet. I was recently at a conference where I was stunned, appalled, even aghast to hear an Angel Teacher describe Mother Mary as a simple village girl who fell in love with Joseph and an angel happened to come to her and ask her to give birth to Jesus. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was 8000 years after the fall of Atlantis and the planet was becoming increasingly dense. The Intergalactic Council decided that something had to be done to raise the light on Earth. Something had to penetrate the gloom. They formulated a plan to bring Christ Light, the unconditional love of Source, back to Earth.

Since the planet was created the Christ light, which has nothing to do with religion, has been held over the Middle East. The hunt was on for a highly evolved being who had the light, power and wisdom to incarnate and be able to carry the Christ light energy and bring it back for humanity. Just as important was the team who would support him. A powerful and highly evolved mother was vital. Who better than Isis? This amazing soul had been tried and tested. She had been instrumental in the ascension of Lemuria, a High Priestess in Atlantis, given Virgin Birth to Horus in Egypt and was now ready to undertake the new cosmic service as Mary, Mother of Jesus.

During her incarnations she was overlit by the great Angel Mary who spreads love and healing throughout the entire universe. Angel Mary held her in her wondrous aquamarine light. The surrounding team of father, grandfather, grandmother, the Wise Men and teachers were all great souls who are now leading our planet forward. Mary was the daughter of Joachim, the High Priest of the Essene Temple of Helios, also known as the Temple of the Sun. When she was a baby she was dedicated as a dove in the holy Temple. Even as a very small child Mary was spiritually aware and attuned. Miracles happened round her.