The Hovering Of Narcissist

With more plays and twist and turns than an Agatha Christie novel

the stories he believed in so deeply , and still does …I became aware

early on of the deep sensitivity and unknowing, revealing little , but

projecting the strength of a consciousness man . Very quickly

After I Do’s and baby announcement , sensitively vacated .

Sharing this fear and toxicity of shame unhealed , influenced daily

by his main female teammate , I was the outsider .. My respect for him

was threatened , a year in quashed and my nightmare masked

for reasons I am going to post later .. secrets he considered worthy

of my death after destruction …as his energy ebbs, he continues

Revelations of truths , the lies and actions that destroyed 4 others right

to love , in peace and Harmony .

Huge breach of Universal Law


Doña Luna

Earth Chakras and Vortexes | Harmonious Earth

Awareness allows Mother Earth Chakras are undergoing purging

releasing , transforming , and it seems hellish , for sure as

we are deeply affected ..aware or not

Earth Chakras and Vortexes | Harmonious Earth
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Ascension Shock

It would seem I was induced into this state , ascension

shock, in 1989, profoundly …taken as mentally ill.

I note those out of alignment , or unbalanced …

As well as soooooo many heroically trying , for which

I am grateful , though silent as they surrender .

Unions don’t happen , Destiny and Divine Universal

Law, says sacred unions must have spiritually as their

foundation. I council and believe this after Karmic lessons

and much surrender .

I don’t fall for potential , or fixing someone, especially

Beloved .

Their light , their core , their joy and love does not

evade me .

Fear of the unknown , fear and shame are blockers

as are opinions vs “seeds “.

I have faith in empowered folks , watering , fertilizing

and giving love to their ” seeds ”

We are all seeds in gods hands …

©️ DonaLuna


Teenagers Against Psychiatric Drugs | Indiegogo

Our mission is to expose the hazardous side effects that psychiatric drugs may have, and re | Check out ‘Teenagers Against Psychiatric Drugs’ on Indiegogo.
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Independence Day Martina McBride

This song came to mind , upon an update from a deserving

soul , who is liberating themselves today …

In homage to those who have been empowered to remove

themselves from harms way , and those who deserve support

derived from this soul who had to do it the hard way

but today feels nothing but independence from generations

of abuse .. Supported by spirit , by ancestors who did not

fare well in matters of children and marriage , finances

home , and AMA APA …socially …clearing this is amazing .

My intent was for a clearing for my earth family , each

unique son Divine graced me with , as well as myself .

I mourned for what I missed, what I lost , what was abused

and Bless my former self , whose fragments are less tragic

in lieu of the many gifts I have received and many of those

are intangible .

I would have never knowingly married anyone who was

masking trauma, addiction, etc who would harm me

or our children . My deepest , darkest pain has been

transformed , resulting in a purity of love and promise

the life I dreamed of , on my own with Beloved’s

love and respect year , new beginnings ..

Truth is Light that is Love


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Honoring a very long goodbye 👋

Independence Day ,

The Spiritual Within The Narcissist Experience Of Abuse

Anxiety denotes the awakening of spirit .

My anxiety born of abuse was medicated with Xanax .

Xanax allowed me to become an addict very quickly due

to my extreme sensitivity ..

5 per day for 2 weeks created a chemically induced

nervous breakdown.

On that day in April , and in my incarceration in a mental

ward( Hell on earth for 17 days ) , I was shown signs of spirit .

*The nurse who rushed a fellow patient who was going

to choke me , whispering in my ear ” honey you don’t belong


My eventual Christian room mate who had such peace

that helped me to calm down enough to know I had to

go home , to Mother our sons , for there was nothing to

heal me me there .. I knew the truth of who I was married

to and how vicious he’d be in a divorce , and so I surrendered

to trying to work things out .

I am not discounting my behaviors , The betrayal of many years

was suspected , behaviors were abusive and horrific , when

the mask was fully revealed 3 months in 24 legal years

of marriage to a stranger ..My concern and compassion

my fears and tears and love were not enough , and I understand

that fully now.

Narcissist are Dark Angels , Survivors Of Trauma ; unhealed .

I have been trying to step out of this shadow , and spiritually

have deepened my faith…in myself …in my efforts and so many

who strive to push through Domestic Abuse/ChildAbuse .

Some find my journey inspiring , Some back off as if it’s catching,

Some are triggered and catalyzed to heal their own families.

Some are fearful of actions they are not sorry for , only

sorry to be found . Part of why I had the

negative experience , a partner who wasn’t …

Others are overwhelmed with my varied negative experiences

and my ability to continue to move forward …That does get

more difficult in repeated attempts to impede my progress

and guidance tells me , more positive energy awaits , and

I may have to endure abuse to get there .

Thy Will Is Done


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 🎄🎁

Spiritual Health Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Separation from self and higher powers . Sugar addiction ?

Genetic ?


I have no interest in alcohol, nor did either of my parents

as well as siblings to my knowledge , to the point of addiction .

Dad called a cab for an uncle who was intoxicated. Uncle

was a vet, had PTDS severely which cost him a very lovely

wife and life … Dad had not tolerance , which I suspect

came from seeing his Dad out of control , enhanced by


Addictions as well as control and abuse were not apparent

at I DOs, which became more pronounced ..

Currently targeted , I am the addiction ..the depository for

all his trials and tribulations .. Fear prevents surrender

to looking within, to rising past experiences, healing

with Divine forgiveness and Divine Love ❤️, which

is your wounded healer mothering you, as you require

according to your codes , your needs now …which can

release pain towards parents , when Father Sun Mother

Moon are our parents ..human experiences , shame

religion , education , Gov , money have tried to

addict us to and take us away from Nature (Father )

and Nurture (Mother) , of safe foundations ..

I choose to be addicted to love , reciprocal,

honoring , sacred love 💕.


Doña Luna

Any amount of alcohol has a spiritually detrimental side effects on us, and consuming it even increases our risk of being possessed by negative entities.
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Writing – Laura K. Kerr, PhD

I have followed and emailed back and forth Laura

who is extremely wise and very through in

all of her efforts .

Writing – Laura K. Kerr, PhD
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The winter solstice begins a season of storytelling and ceremony | Smithsonian Voices | National Museum of the American Indian | Smithsonian

In the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice is the year’s day of least sunlight, when the sun takes its lowest, shortest path across the sky. North of the Arctic Circle, it is the midpoint of the period of darkness, when even twilight doesn’t reach the horizon. We asked a few of our Native friends to share traditions they’ve heard about the winter solstice. Their answers highlight winter as a time for storytelling.
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Smile by Judy Garland

Far from gloom and doom , I find my heart smiles

these days growing and expanding in peace and

harmony with as much as possible.

Awareness of deep pain, or covert mask has been

augmented , and thus in the healing process.

Awareness of shadow , and abilities to transform it

returning to comfort in heart , and mind , still contends

with body .. tweaking my diet plus clearing past

travesties of justice for sons and I , a few confidants

whom I treasure , as I’m on my own..I am in awe

and grateful beyond measure .

Smiles that greet me , hug my soul as I am received in

welcome … home…I am where I need and want to be

with great expectations of experiencing cheeks that ache

from smiling …eyes that are like waterfalls with tears

of release , equal to smiles …an ocean of tears

and fears/anger transformed , transmuted to love , and in

that peace ☮️..authentic smiles are cellular

All is well with my soul 🥰✊


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Smile by Judy Garland