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Why It Matters How Powerful Men Treat Women | The New Republic

A rape allegation for Donald Trump, a domestic abuse allegation for Boris Johnson, and a filmed assault by Mark Field—all in the same week.
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Big Pharma bust: Largest opioid arrest in U.S. history ensnares dozens of physicians, pharmacists who created addicts

It’s a beginning .

I had a Dr who wrote scrips for speed , as diet pillls

in 72 or 73 .. Quick office visit , a charge and a prescription.

His son became a Dr ..still is .


In yet another sign that our healthcare system is fraught with problems that Democrats have made worse and not enough Republicans see fit to address, federal prosecutors have charged dozens of pharmacists and doctors in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Alabama for illegally distributing opioids — even as an opioid epidemic sweeps the country. […]
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