Waking Truth

…” A Real Master Is Not A Teacher ,
A Real Master Is An Awakener .
His Function Is Totally Different
From A Teacher ;
His Function Is Far More Difficult , And Only Very Few People Can Stay With
A Master Because To Wake Up After Millions Of Lives Is Not An Ordanary Feat ; It Is A Miracle And To Allow Somebody To Wake Up Needs Great Trust And Great Surrender . ” ~ OSHO

Mary was NOT Passive

“Mary is not passive. The image we’ve been shown has truth in it, but it is a limited truth. I derived great comfort in the fact that Mary was an earthly mother, that she went through a pregnancy as a teenage mother, that she had known homelessness, that she had borne at least one child. She had witnessed that child’s suffering and death, she knew the depths of a mother’s sorrow. ⁠⁠But Mary’s passivity may be all we’ve allowed ourselves to see. A woman rising up against authority, a woman strong and fearless, a ferocious woman, an independent woman, a heroic woman, a physically courageous woman – to have seen Mary this way would not have served the social order…⁠⁠This is a Mary we need now, a fierce Mary, a terrific Mary, a fearsome Mary, a protectress who does not allow her children to be hunted, tortured, murdered and devoured.” ~ China Galland 
Art: Sue Boardman ”Our Lady of Fierce Compassion”

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