Youngest son celebrated 37 spins yesterday

….Many wayshowers and light servers have been in deep Release of 3D/4D systems, programs, and structures for weeks. Some have released soul and family monad structures and wounds; consciously taking one for the team. This work is necessary if you have dischord in your lineage; it can tether you to collective belief systems. You’ll Feel the release in the physical (pain, aches, illness) as it detaches. Since the physical is trying to keep up with the photonic demands for freedom and harmony, it is best to do this work Now. Releasing has been purposeful and the Light will continue to push the envelope for initiates. As you consciously and willfully surrender to the changes within, the external world will begin to look very different. As you lift your own veils – the barriers between you and your true Self – there is clarity and a deep sense of wisdom. Hold your heart and breathe yourself back to that Source Point in the Heart Center as often as needed. Keep focused on sending light through the heart center; it is becoming a generator of pure Christed light. Let the heart center do the work without the mind attempting to control it. This is presenting right Now – the Heart center is receiving the signal from this new light to morph into its Solar Christed state. You Feel the physical shifts in the chest area – poking, moving, pinching, fluttering, burning – however the main focus is the light, the new dawn, the rising Sun, the transfiguration of the physical from the Heart outward. Keep your Heartstream locked on the Flow of this new Light. Let it Bathe You in Christ Consciousness, and Drop whatever does not match that vibration. Hold your Intention to Be the purest conduit of this new light and the I AM presence/Christ consciousness, then Align everything do, say, think and Feel to that Intention

Gateway of the Heart Center  by Sandra Walter  ❤

The truth n light , force or choice

Sun Moves into Sagittarius- Eclipse Time Baby, The Whole Truth and Nothin But the Truth, Faith Rising Up to Greet You After Many Battles
On November 21st, the Sun, which rules our: ego, masculinity and life force, leaves the watery sign of Scorpio and enters the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign, deals with: wisdom, expansion, faith, truth and luck.
The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius is here to propel a new light of faith and authenticity into our lives. After a gruesome Scorpio season, we are ready to take our pain and trauma and transform them into faith and a fighting spirit of conviction. No other sign can omit such cheery and optimistic energy as a Centaur. No other sign is as brutally honest and forthright as a Sagittarius. After the many lessons and hardships of Scorpio season, our souls are ready to find something.. anything.. to feel renewed and replenished. 
Change is in the air and something HUGE is on the horizon. We have now entered the fated and destined time of eclipse season. This last eclipse cycle of 2020 promises to be grand and life altering. Eclipses bring unforeseen events and curve balls. Expect things to transform in big and momentous ways. 
Just when you thought you had seen all of 2020’s surprises and shocks… think again. A momentum is rising up and a bud of exploration and unprecedented growth is here to find us once more. Wherever Gemini + Sagittarius fall in your chart is where there will be unexpected surprises and occurrences. Just when you thought to hell with this cray year…. 
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Join Mitchell’s brilliance

“I don’t know if I’ve learned anything yet! I did learn how to have a happy home, but I consider myself fortunate in that regard because I could’ve rolled right by it. Everybody has a superficial side and a deep side, but this culture doesn’t place much value on depth — we don’t have shamans or soothsayers, and depth isn’t encouraged or understood. Surrounded by this shallow, glossy society we develop a shallow side, too, and we become attracted to fluff. That’s reflected in the fact that this culture sets up an addiction to romance based on insecurity — the uncertainty of whether or not you’re truly united with the object of your obsession is the rush people get hooked on. I’ve seen this pattern so much in myself and my friends and some people never get off that line.But along with developing my superficial side, I always nurtured a deeper longing, so even when I was falling into the trap of that other kind of love, I was hip to what I was doing. I recently read an article in Esquire magazine called ‘The End of Sex,’ that said something that struck me as very true. It said: “If you want endless repetition, see a lot of different people. If you want infinite variety, stay with one.” What happens when you date is you run all your best moves and tell all your best stories — and in a way, that routine is a method for falling in love with yourself over and over.You can’t do that with a longtime mate because he knows all that old material. With a long relationship, things die then are rekindled, and that shared process of rebirth deepens the love. It’s hard work, though, and a lot of people run at the first sign of trouble. You’re with this person, and suddenly you look like an asshole to them or they look like an asshole to you — it’s unpleasant, but if you can get through it you get closer and you learn a way of loving that’s different from the neurotic love enshrined in movies. It’s warmer and has more padding to it.”Joni Mitchell
Saint Laurent/photoShe knows this truth intimately. Joni has always been and will forever be an extraordinarily  remarkable human being. I’ve said many times before she helps me feel very proud to be a member of this human family. 
How about huuuu?
Her music and paintings do all the talking. Thanks for sending this.
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Cleanliness is next to Godiness

Cleanliness is next to Godliness…
If you come to me as a victim I will not support you.But I will have the courage to walk with you through the pain that you are suffering. I will put you in the fire, I will undress you, and I will sit you on the earth.I will bathe you with herbs, I will purge you, and you will vomit the rage and the darkness inside you.I’ll bang your body with good herbs, and I’ll put you to lay in the grass, face up to the sky.Then I will blow your crown to clean the old memories that make you repeat the same behavior. I will blow your forehead to scare away the thoughts that cloud your vision. I will blow your throat to release the knot that won’t let you talk.I will blow your heart to scare fear, so that it goes far away where it cannot find you.I will blow your solar plexus to extinguish the fire of the hell you carry inside, and you will know peace.I will blow with fire your belly to burn the attachments, and the love that was not.I will blow away the lovers that left you, the children that never came.I will blow your heart to make you warm, to rekindle your desire to feel, create and start again.I will blow with force your vagina or your penis, to clean the sexual door to your soul.I will blow away the garbage that you collected trying to love what did not wanted to be loved.I will use the broom, and the sponge, and the rag, and safely clean all the bitterness inside you.I will blow your hands to destroy the ties that prevent you from creating.I will blow your feet to dust and erase the footprints memories, so you can never return to that bad place. I will turn your body, so your face will kiss the earth.I’ll blow your spine from the root to the neck to increase your strength and help you walk upright.And I will let you rest.
After this you will cry, and after crying you will sleep, And you will dream beautiful and meaningful dreams, and when you wake up I’ll be waiting for you.I will smile at you, and you will smile backI will offer you food that you will eat with pleasure, tasting life, and I will thank you.Because what I’m offering today, was offered to me before when darkness lived within me.And after I was healed, I felt the darkness leaving, and I cried.
Then we will walk together, and  I will show you my garden, and my plants, and I will take you to the fire again.And will talk together in a single voice with the blessing of the earth.And we will shout to the forest the desires of your heart.And the fire will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.And the mountains will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.And the rivers will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.And the wind will listen and whisper the echo, and we will create hope together.And then we will bow before the fire, and we will call upon all the visible and invisible guardians.And you will say thank you to all of them.And you will say thank you to yourself.And you will say thank you to yourself. And you will say thank you
-author unknownThat is very beautiful.Thank You.BE Well…Show quoted text

Ancient Knowledge Returns ; Tree of Life

During the time of Patriarchy, the Male Dominance wanted to literally write out all the women out of the history books, out of the all Knowledge and the application thereof, and more than this out of all that was seeming leading humanity, in whatever form.In this they cut out half of themselves, and even to the degree of dishonoring their own mothers and sisters.Now, with the Return of the Divine Feminine, and balance, more and more of the Ancient Knowledge the Divine Feminine holds, is being returned.  In fact, the Divine Feminine holds the Cosmic Keys and Codes, as well the Tree of Life (thus the All–Knowing, the All-Seeing, the All-Being).The very Tree of Life was taken away from the planet, because of the severe persecution and suppression of the Feminine Divine.When you look closely and delve into the depths of HIDDEN meaning into the story of Adam and Eve, the latter is given all the blame, for she fell for the trick of the serpent.  Nowhere does it tell you the hidden meaning of that serpent (kundalini Energy) and the abuse the Male created with the self-same powers.  Indeed he FEARED the Feminine side of this self-same power so much, that he wished to annihilate her.  Indeed he blamed her for his own Fall.So, what was what he feared?Now, this is what I have asked myself time and again in my own set of awakening, as lifetime after lifetime memory banks to severe persecution came to the fore.Well, interestingly this has led me on path of discovery, which truly is at the core of all the Divine Knowledge of Co-creation, at its deepest Mysterium.And interestingly – it is the Divine Feminine which holds that Mystery and the Power within herself!When the Male cuts off his own Feminine side, and then persecutes the Feminine in all her forms and expressions, he is divorcing himself at a deep level from the Godhead itself: – thus intense separation, and then his destructive side emerges, more than his co-creative and loving side. He created a deep VOID within himself, which eats him in the end.  No matter how hard he tries to fill the void with power play and games, he cannot ever fill that void.  He divorced his mind from his heart.  Interestingly the mind will create more chaos than equilibrium, until it finally gets balanced out by the Heart. With the balance now returning, the male is now embracing his Feminine side in order to find that inner and deep connection to the Godhead, the Divine once more WITHIN Himself.The Female, now has to embrace her own Masculine and destructive side too – yes, it is there in all which the mind conjures up, when the mind is divorced from the heart.  She holds that Heart energy – and she holds the whole of the Feminine Powers within her too.  But when she closes off her heart – she is closing off herself from the core of the All-knowing, All-Seeing and All-Being within herself – her own co-creative force.We will only experience the full return of the Tree of Life itself, when the Masculine and Feminine are finally and beautiful balanced and in harmony with each other again.Yet, gradually the ancient knowledge is being returned to those who are open to fully do the inner work, in order to be opened up to the highest degree.The Mysterium only ever reveals her most profound face, to those who are willing to walk that path: – no matter what, and then with utmost truth, integrity and authenticity.
(Judith Kusel)

Test Results of July’s Thermagram

These are partical results of toxic inflammation that have resulted from previous environmental situations .

My breast concern me the most , however I am without resources and a safe place to do more that mild detox and I’m highly sensitive not only to the metals that influenced these inflammatory issues , but also the degree and intensity of detox.

I do require treatment and rest as I was warned in late Feb and my goal is that , to end this critically ill state of being . My reaction to metal toxicity beside the inflammation is ongoing with great hair loss and dental issues , including abcesses , which can lead to sepsis which can kill me. If I had no faith , I would bow to all these negatives , but I have had experiences before of toxic reactions to RX with metals that created the same results I am experiencing now.. Faith says there will be no more test of this nature.

I have no choice but to continue to do the best I can , with what I have , as I am without my own home .

My entire banking was shutdown in August and I surrendered to being aided by many earth angels and sprit guides , and that still reverbs as I pay back IOUs and establish new business.

New Bank

New Car insurance

New LLC for a neighbor care group locally , non profit

Ending cycles, is a redo for me , this conclusion has been long time coming and is a long time gone , and yet there is clearing or clean up to do .

I am safe . I am resting …I am supported by Divine and so many beloved that have aided greatly in my ability to transverse the projection of hell on earth ..

I am Thankful !

Blessings & Peace😘

Dona Luna