Eve claims her power

”Imagine that it didn’t happen the way you were told in the religious communities of childhood. Imagine hearing Eve’s words read from the sacred text one morning at your church, synagogue, mosque, or women’s circle:

As the Mother of all Living, I pick the fruit of life. It is good and satisfies hunger. It is pleasant to the eye. It is wise and opens the way to self-discovery and understanding. Those among you who are curious, who lust for life in all its fluidity, dare with me—bite into your life and the fullness of its possibility.

After Eve’s words are read, the elder women give an apple to the first person in the row. As the crone hands you an apple, she looks into your eyes and says:

Take and eat of the good fruit of life. You are good. You are very good. Bite into the apple and savor its sweetness.

After everyone has partaken of the good fruit of life, the closing blessing is spoken:

Open to the depths of goodness within you. Believe in your goodness. Live out of the abundance of who you are as a child of life. Affirm the original goodness of your children until the stories of old hold no sway in their hearts. Bite into your life and the fullness of its possibility.”

-Patricia Lynn Reilly, A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman’s Perspective

“Eve Claims Her Power” by Jennifer Bothast

Oh Sweet Soul by Matt Kahn

Source: Matt KahnTo round out today’s day of poetry, I’m sharing one I wrote years’ ago as my open letter to the spiritual ego. Both the one I faced in myself and in others. Its incredible how relevant it is in today’s current landscape. May we all learn to lead with love. Connecting instead of correcting. Please enjoy:  

Oh Sweet Soul  Oh sweet soul, who’s learned so muchYour triggers ignited through the words you clutchRehearsals are done, your performance is setTo overemphasize what you’re meant to forgetHow much you’ve survived, you’ve come so farBut correcting others is not who you areYou’re desperate to feed a world with no bowlPlease open your eyes – oh sweet soul Oh sweet soul, who can’t see pastEach aha moment that cannot lastYou’re not in charge of what needs to be knownBut here to inspire throughout actions shownInsight was gathered, you’ve become well-equippedTo notice new patterns, while control still grippedYou’ll encounter so many throughout fate’s playAnd fight for the chance to have your sayIs projecting your ideas a part of the goal?Please think again – oh sweet soul Oh sweet soul, why do you suggestYour concepts to those who act as your testYou’ve looked within and found the DivineClarity kindled, but you’re calling it “Mine”And now you debate to correct who you seeNot seeing your shadow – a spiritual “me”It’s not liberation till you’re free of the thoughtThat forces you to speak just to see where you’re caughtYou say ‘all is one’ like a truth no one knewAnd if there’s only one – who are you speaking to?Intentions are so pure, while blinded by a roleCorrecting all your critics – oh sweet soul Oh sweet soul, it’s time to open upAnd bring forth the love that overflows your cupThere’s much to consider and many to embraceBut no one to correct – no matter who you faceI welcome every judgment, regardless how unclearTo see the one I’m facing and know that God is hereSilence makes one humble and humble helps you seeSince there’s only one, we’re free to disagreeI welcome each projection, as if you know my pathYou need it more than I do to validate your wrathYou’re free to misperceive me and have the final wordI thank you for the practice to let your voice be heardWhy hide from your freedom, just let it takes its tollAnd break apart your certainty – oh sweet soul Oh sweet soul, may you come to realizeYou need not affirm what another one deniesIn a world of so much wisdom, there’s no end to what is trueYou’re free to do your dance and watch what captures youRepeating every concept, as if it meant a thingPerformance never-ending for those who pull your stringAnd even as I say this, you’ll turn it back on meAs if the truth is hidden and only you can seeI love the light within you, thank God it can’t preventA chance to love you deeper despite the package sentPoint out every fragment and misperceive the wholeYour innocence respected – oh sweet soul  Matt Kahn

Yea, though I walk through the shadow of death. Ascending Evoloving after Leaping 2020

“Notice the Feeling of being at a turning point in the nature of our species. Upheavals around you in the economy and elsewhere are symptoms of far deeper evolution.

Visualize shifting from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous, that is, at a cellular level, emerging as beings with ability to Perceive Vibration and Light that creates physical worlds at a much higher level.

See the grid or holodeck of Energy that reveals what is behind what you think.

You are a Wizard projecting from behind your own curtain. Answers to longstanding mysteries of existence are arising like the Phoenix Within.

Evolution is accelerating not between generations,
but within a generation.

This shatters beliefs about how evolution works, Inviting you to question all beliefs and shift attention to deeper, Innate knowing.

Imagine a Biological and Spiritual Quantum Leap in this Life.
The caterpillar does not know what is coming. Trust in the process.”

~ Liara Covert ❤

…“You who have walked the lonely path of Light are soon to be joined by many, many others who will begin to walk their path with you. For every sacrifice you have made for the highest good of all, the Universe is already bringing to you many… wonderful synchronicities, miracles and gifts. All you have to do is open your hearts to receive and be in trust and in joy. Watch for these in your daily living, recognize them, receive them, enjoy them and record them. Soon you will begin to know without a shadow of doubt that you have always been loved and cared for and that you never walk alone.”

  • Master Hilarion

Grand Conjunction , Dec 21st 2020

Grand Conjunction ~ 21st December 2020 & Summer/Winter Solstice. Shifting to a Higher Consciousness and forming a Christ Star. This is when Jupiter and Saturn will align exactly @ 0 degrees of Aquarius. Zero point energy field is when the energy of that sign is at its most powerful and purest. Marking this much awaited transition into the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Where we will start thinking and using our creative and intuitive abilities in completely new ways. With the ability to manifest at lightening speed. For the past 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn have been in earth signs, now we go into a 200 year cycle where these two magnificent celestial bodies are in air signs. Representing a New Era. a new way we perceive the world and ourselves as we embrace collective and community based ways of living. An awareness that each person matters and everybody gains and nobody is left behind. Freedom from limitations, including financial. We are going to see new technological advances in science and medicine. Magnetics will replace batteries, desalination of water, powered by hydraulic systems that will create free energy and so much more, the mind boggles at what is coming! The 21st December 2020 is the true beginning of the New Earth, a whole New Timeline, an important marker in evolving consciousness. Have you noticed the Sun is now whiter and brighter than it used to be, when it was yellow as we were growing up? It is because mass gamma photonic waves are being directed at Earth. As Sadguru say’s “When the Sun changes so does our Consciousness”. When we release our old programming, we change our consciousness, in so doing, we change our reality creating freedom to create our Life experiences. We are amazing creator beings, beginning to truly blossom, as we tap into our Akash, remembering many potentials which have been laying dormant for eons, waiting for this lifetime to bring them into fruition and start thinking and using our abilities in completely different ways. We cannot build a New World unless we shift our Consciousness. When we change to a New Platform of Consciousness a whole New World will be birthed as we enter the Age of Aquarius.
May we embrace these beautiful New Energies with Love 🧡❤️💙
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I am receiving profound visions of what is happening now, and in this so deeply touched, that all this information needs to just sink, and gain inner sight, before I can share this with you.All I can say is that what is now happening goes beyond anything we, as human beings, ever experienced.For the Omni Verse is a spiral, and there are many tiers to this spiral.  Once descends down the spiral in order to incarnate on planet earth.  Then one needs go up the spiral, to reenter the True Omniversal State again.  Each tier of the spiral has a different level of dimensional frequency.  When one hits the next tier, there needs to be a trememdous burst of energy in order break through to the next tier.    Indeed, then powerful portals or gates open and thus all is transformed and transfigured, which was in the lower dimensional state, and thus assumes a much higher vibrational frequency existence and form.This is what is now happening.Yet, what is more – I reported that the Shofar had sounded, that the Trumpets then sounded, now something completely new is in the offing which is so profound, that I have no words for it. All I can say, is the indeed, the greatest of prophesies of all time will be fulfilled and are being fulfilled.I have tears in awe and wonder as I write this.More I cannot say – for words fail me.I have been lifted into the highest realms to be shown this vision, and it from there that human words just are not sufficient.  For all is energy and energetic.You will feel this intensely when you read this.Allow yourself to be lifted beyond all you have ever known before, into the totally new and, as yet unknown.
Judith Kuselhttp://www.judithkusel.com
Photo Credit:  Daniel B. Holeman