Access Great Leaps Forward

“Access Great Leaps Forward”

9D Arcturian Council through Yvonne Constancio

This is a time of great energy that we are seeing right now. What we’re seeing is a burst of energy from the great power of the Sun causing great growth. What we’re seeing is a leap in growth.

If you are able to ride the wave of this energy that is available to you right now, you will find that there will be a massive amount of forward motion for you in whatever it is that you desire.

It is important at this time to find yourself with your skin to the Earth. Direct contact with your feet, with your hands. Direct contact of your eyes in the sunlight. For this is going to be activating you in a way that causes you to see with clear vision what the next step is toward your desire.

There is an important aspect here to remember. You are an active participant in creating what it is that you wish to experience. And while the energies are in support of you – they are in a very active state – in what one might call Yang Energy – where life force is very strong, or what we might call within its fullest potential …

It is also important that you recognize that just because you are have access to this energy, that it is not simply an energy that creates without your participation. You must receive it in a manner in which you recognize now what actions are to be taken by you.

So when we say “activation,” this does not mean that you are suddenly activated with whatever it is you desire to suddenly be manifested in front of you. But rather, you are activated to take action and you know what action it is that must be taken.

You are an active participant in taking action and creating that which you desire.

The energies that you will encounter in this time and perhaps for the next two to three months will be one that offers you the opportunity to WANT to take action. Rather than living in self-defeating thought, or beliefs, or patterns. You will have the urge to want to breakthrough these patterns and beliefs.

And here is where the support is – for you to be activated in a manner that causes you to move forward and when you choose to move forward, the energy that is being supplied to you at this time is one that can cause great leaps.

So, these will not be tiny steps that you will experience but rather, great leaps forward toward what it is that you desire.

It is important that you stay open to the energies available to you now. It is important that you are an active participant with the energies available to you now.

It is is important that you recognize the full potential that is available to you now. That activates, enlivens, and animates the full potential within yourself. Like magnets coming together to create a field of full potential.

This is what is available to you. Take advantage of this time and the energy being provided for you and to you. With gratitude, find yourself sitting, meditating, walking on the Earth with an opening of full reception to this energy.

Only you

A message I received today, meant particularly for those who are also facing the overwhelming challenges of this journey. Many I personally know and so many more worldwide I read about, who are going through precisely what I/we are, and yet continue to give.

♥️🙏🏻 Peter Uppman


‘You have continued to give of your all, in the face of rejection and adversity. And yet you have inspired and gently coerced others to look within for more than previously they may have done.

So you have not only given of yourself with the purity of love in which is You, you have changed others mindset and believing in what previously they may not have known to be so.

It is YOU dear one who has given until it hurts with no recourse or reciprocation, just pure love and the willingness to help. As is compelling of you from within to do.

You can no longer face these challenges you believe, for its toll is just too much you are feeling.

And yet there is so much more.

But this time you have breached the rainbows end.

You have already endured the hardship which is necessary to endure, in order to look deep within for the answers.

You have now been all but emptied of that of the past – the old way of thinking and believing and doing. And now am ready to be refilled with the new paradigm of love.

This is when your ‘cup’, your Being, will find peace and sense of why all MUST have been as it has.

There are no shortcuts.

You MUST have gone through this pain and rejection and suffering to truly find what is of importance, and that which no longer is.

There are no guarantees other than that in which you give to yourself.

Only YOU can make this progression to SELF.

Only YOU can take the step forward.

Only YOU who are in control of your Being, can decide whether or not to advance (so to speak) to the new level and way of doing and Being.

YOU dear one, had made the decision to help others and to be the guiding light. How incredibly importantly beautiful are you.

There is nothing more that you need to do.

Just BE.

As we have already given to you, just BE.

That is enough.

It is time now to reap the rewards of your toil and misunderstanding of the past, to the completeness of that which is your future.

Which is NOW and will always remain as NOW’.

(Archangel Jophiel)


Me: Hi God.

God: Hello…

Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together?

God: I’d rather not.

Me: why not?

God: Because you are not a puzzle.

Me: What about all the pieces of my life that are falling to the ground?!

God: Leave them there for a while. They fell for a reason. Let them sit there for a bit and then decide if you need to retrieve any of those pieces.

Me: But you don’t understand! I’m breaking!

God: No, you don’t understand. You are transcending, evolving. What you feel are growing pains. You are letting go of the things and people in your life that are holding you back. The pieces are not falling off. The pieces are falling into place. Just relax. Take a deep breath and let those things you no longer need fall away. Stop holding on to the pieces that are no longer for you. Let them fall. let them go.

Me: ok… but once I start doing that, what will I be left with?…

God: Only the best pieces of you.

Me: I’m afraid of changing…


Me: …Becoming who?!

God: Becoming who I created you to be! A person of light, love, charity, hope, courage, joy, mercy, grace and compassion. I made you for much more than those superficial pieces with which you have decided to adorn yourself and to which you cling with so much greed and fear. Let those things fall off you. Love yourself! Do not change! Become! Do not change! Become! Become who I want you to be, who I created. I’m going to keep telling you this until you remember…

Me: oops… there goes another piece…

God: Yes. Let it be so.

Me: So… I’m not broken?

God: No, but you are breaking through the darkness, like the dawn. It is a new day. Become! Become who you really are!

—Adapted from John Roedel.


Much love ❤️


Bow Out , Gracefully

My Mom once told me that she walked into a room where a couple of friends were discussing her, they didn’t know she was there. She shook her head, smiled and walked away. 🕊
My Mom also told me that she had a friend who talked bad about her, she never knew that Mom found out, Mom never mentioned it. She smiled and walked away from this friendship. 🕊
She told me she had family who chose to shift her out of their life because she stood up for herself for a change. And because she stopped crossing oceans for them when they would not even help her cross a bridge. She smiled, shook her head and walked away. 🕊
So I asked her how she could just walk away from people that betrayed her while pretending to be her friends or family? 🕊
She answered that every time she came to a crossroad like that, she had to decide who will be going forward on her journey with her. This showed her who she cannot take along with her. 🕊
So she explained to me that you should never get mad at a person who betrays you, even in the name of friendship or family. Just gracefully bow out and enjoy your journey with all the new people God puts in their place. 🕊


There is a lot spoken about us becoming crystalline and frankly for me
it is often a lot of sincere “Humbug”.
Physically all organic life is primarily constituted from hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. And it is carbon that gives the density needed to be in the physical realm (3D).
So what is happening to our bodies.
Why are we often feeling so heavy, dizzy, and all the blood flow problems, nerve pains, allergies, and the constant changes. What is really happening to our bodies that we are constantly feeling and will continue to feel for these next few years as the cosmic inflow accelerates?
There is, as you all are aware, something huge happening with us all.
The carbon in your body is transforming through the magnetisation of cosmic photons. Changing from the normal 6 neutron – 6 proton–6 electron structure (666 -beast), to a 1-6-6 configuration. That very same structure known as the “Metatron Cube” (from the cube to the inner “star). No wonder you feel the consequences of this change physically.
Literally being turned inside out.
The more light (LOVE) you hold consciously the more accelerated is the change…..OUCH!!
Yes the more you feel the Peace, the Love. the Smile as the background of your experience (as long as you do not drop into fear).
I was shown these changes 50 years ago when I was studying occult chemistry.
The changes that are coming to us all and our capacity as Creator Beings in density will be literally “mind blowing”.
Carbon based vehicles radiating intense Light from within as the DNA unwinds from the carbon celled transformation.
As you invite more of your Being into your body.

I So Love You ~ Nicky Hamid ❤


Each of us has to realize, on our own, that at our higher level of awareness there are no negative events. Certainly, life can be tragic at times and humans can perpetrate evil, sometimes extreme evil. But at the level of personal growth and meaning, negativity represents only challenge, and in the worst of situations there is always an opportunity for growth. Each crisis, each dead in our evolution, is merely a message, and opportunity to go in a different direction. Our egos might not like the direction at first, but our higher self can discover a new plan implicit in the challenge. 🙏💖✨

She’s Opening her Phoenix code ; Ignited

She’s opening her phoenix code.

That is because she’s ignited a sacred fire inside her that holds the fire of the sun. It’s burning to ashes all that is untrue in her life.

No one else but she herself can now shine the light to who she’s becoming. She’s always looked for mentors and idols to emulate. Not any more.

She’s evolving into a woman who is unique. No one in her world really fits the template for who she is becoming. Her path is singular, specially laid out for her. She’s realising that at this time she has to fall back on herself to mould, forge and craft her new self.

She did have heroines and heroes in her life, but the more she’s maturing, the more she’s acknowledging her own awesomeness. This is new for her, re-creating herself from her own example. Her work with ending the cycle of victimhood and coming into a deep honouring of herself, is birthing this new being. This time round, her imagination is powerfully by her side, showing her who she truly is.

She’s living in times of transition, and she’s excitedly stepping into this unfamiliar journey that is beyond standards, beyond regular & normal. Even beyond ideal. If she needs a teacher or mentor now, she’s choosing the one who will teach her how to tend her own sacred fire.

The key to owning all of herself, is to be her own source.

She’s remembering the art of reincarnating in the same body.

The more she stands in her own singularity, the better she fits into her world.

~Sukhvinder Sircar

Art by Boris Indricov