Pisces Loves Reciprocation2

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Love the romance. Love the infatuation. Love the way you look in their eyes.

When a Pisces loves you, they will never give up hope on you. When a Pisces loves you, they will never let you forget why they believe in you. When a Pisces loves you, they’ll swim circles around your heart and soothe any ache with their whimsical ways.

To love a Pisces is to love the intoxication of their presence. To love a Pisces is to let yourself be tended to. To love a Pisces is to let your vulnerability rise to the surface to meet their own. 

Pisces needs to be needed, but not controlled. Trying to hold on to a fish is foolish. Pisces needs to move, to flow, and to follow the currents of the day. Trying to limit this mystical creature to only one pond would be a shame of the highest order. To crush the dreams of a Pisces unleashes the howling cry of a forlorn mermaid. 

Harsh, bitter notes of betrayal can bellow from the depths of these seas. Better to let the free roam freely and to stand back in awe of all the places Pisces can travel. At once. With great grace. With great compassion. With great abandon. With great love for you and all other beings its heart belongs to. 

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