Every Cell holds info/energy

Every cell within our body holds information in the form of energy.
This energy contains the memories of all our life experiences, as well as ancestral memory and essence of our soul.
It is this energy that informs our current experience of life, shapes our beliefs, and subconsciously influences our thoughts and feelings.

Currently, the incoming energies are flooding through your physical body, cleansing and shifting the energetic structure and resonance of your physical from. With this shift, cellular memories are being activated, triggering unresolved trauma and unprocessed cellular memories, giving you the opportunity to transform them into wisdom and awareness.

With this transformation, new streams of consciousness can enter the body, updating the information contained with your cells and encouraging new ways of being and behaving that bring your internal and external environments back into balance. Be mindful of what your body needs at this time, as physical symptoms of this transformation may result with the body moving to detox the old.

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