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Opting For Higher ๐Ÿ™โค๐ŸŽ†

I have been subjected to low energy via an eviction last Tuesday , having beloveds do all they could to help me salvage what I wanted to hold and have given away all my furniture and all I could as they tirelessly packed me up .

My critical state of health has been documented and ignored to such a degree that denies logic or humanity as I am again targeted by folks who need to discredit me in relief of covering up their own abuses and toxic spaces .

It was ruled in court without my knowledge when I was too ill to attend and experiencing high trauma that my pay could be garnished and it was today .

So I’m homeless and have to funds to live on .

This is cruel as the matter doesn’t come to court until fall, months away .

I do understand the intent to discredit me and take all they can as its been the pattern of former .

It is Domestic Abuse on high and yes it’s rocked me yo my very foundation.

More test today and confirmation of critical health and I have determined and am supported to see this thru .

28 million people face this

I am aware of the flow that highlights this bottomfeeding and how much I can lean in to opening this up for folks to understand the complexity and gravity of abuse of physical via language , actions and non acts .

The reality of this low vibration 3D energy not existing much longer , not having a place in our New Earth has concerned me for an intense 15 years .

As discussed in this article I no longer feel responsible or wacky because I’m not heard and abuses continue which only highlight the authentic truths .

Legal is very excited about this situation as our Gov pleads for non evictions yet I have not found recourse within court , yet .

I have filed a complaint of my own for my losses and fully expect to be heard and respected as I stand for truths that cannot be denied .

And so as I do all I can to exit this matrix of abuse in extreme tower situations I accept I am thrust into serving many others who are unable to do so .

Much more is going on and yes I am trying to eat and rest self care which is dicey as my things are hanging out safely in 3 locations including my bought ahead necessary thyroid etc .

Prayers to each of these days that you are safe and sound and grasping the higher road is the truth and the light .


Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿก

Immensely powerful energy shifts
are happening, and this is truly
the splitting of the corn from the chaff.
It is going to challenge you,
to keep walking the Highest Dimensional Path, and not look back who is following, who is with you or not, whom you are leaving behind. It is none of your business, and all your attention and
focus now needs to be fully PRESENT with every single step you take into the total unknown, unexplored and as yet the New Golden Age, manifesting into from.
The LAW OF FREE WILL AND CHOICE and the LAW OF RESPONSIBILITY, is now coming the fore, and making itself shown: –
Know that every soul has free will and choice. If you choose the Highest Path, know there are others who will not and these may well be those closest to you and dearest to you. You may not piggyback them. Let them go.
They have free will and choice.
They can choose to wake up and walk the path with you or not. Some just will not choose to walk the path because they refuse to change, or cling onto the old life and old existence and the Old Earth, which in truth exists no more! Therein lie the own soul lessons in mastery.
You cannot take on their lessons.
You will need all your energy, attention and focus now on the new path unfolding, and it is going to bring a sense of wonder and awe, and with it a totally new existence!
The Law of Responsibility clearly states that every soul is
responsible for every single
choice, decision they make and for whatever they create.
Remember this. If you choose
the highest paths, you will find that some souls just cannot or will not walk that path with you. For the highest path demands a total surrender for the ego, and a deep surrendering to step ever higher into the Soul Purpose and Mission, and the much Higher Form of Life and living. Yet, therein lie blessings and miracles waiting to unfold, you could never experience on the lower paths!You will always attract souls who are on the same wavelength and frequency band as you are, and who will become your new soul family, as you co-create the New Golden Age together. And it will be in Unity, and with great love and devotion.Remember too,
that other souls will not. There lies their free will and choice.
Let go of all attachments,
of all which is trying to keep
you stuck in the 3D. Surrender.
At this time, you will be reminded of those attachments, cords, hooks, ties, and whatever else is still there for you to release.
Yet, know that with every release, something new is born within you, and with every step you will find something new to marvel about, to stand in awe and wonder about, as you now walk in multi-dimensions and claim
your true Cosmic Heritage as
your soul expands and remembers and co-creates more and more.

Judith Kusel โค

‘Housing is a human right’โ€”Philly organizer explains why housing must be centered in 2020 campaigns

Definitely , a crisis I have noted since the early 90s and it’s epidemic now.

Certainly worthy of resolving ASAP

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A full-time worker earning $7.25 an hour would have to work 122 hours a week, according to a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

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Oregon governor signed the first statewide rent control bill in the country.
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Labeling homeless people doesnโ€™t help. Addressing economic issues that swell the ranks of the homeless as well as the mental illness, addiction, disability, and other issues the homeless battle will. | The Olympian

My last 5 years of marriage where ” homes less”

The next 5 years were vegged out in a 4 level grey

condo, no earth, no sky, just knocked out . Grief

& guilt , no joy , shadow had me in total

2 years of home ownership . Fear , Anger , My

primal came out , but hope and light ๐Ÿ’ก began

to take root.. Prayers & Plans 2006 .Sold at a loss

lived in a hotel , my things in a truck , to be met

with a nightmare living space wise.

Blessings increased โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Moved into a friend’s house, left due to non replacing

of fridge , which he did replace for the next tenant .

Which catalyzed my move towards my dream.

2 years in my 1st home in the mountains, and

a LL who ignored , full septic tanks, power line

responsibility etc , and after replacing a rusted heat

pump , he wanted to raise the rent.

I moved to a house with garden space , and

more privacy.. I failed to realize the extent of the

work, and cost required to create a livable

home , spending 8 k on labor and materials,

gardening etc..

I left over Abuse by he and his reps , when he

planned to add a heat pump , raise the rent

and refused to replace a bathtub that was exposed

to toxic metals .

The next house had a do drop in landlord who

suggested I write my own lease, that I sign a 30

year lease . 2 years in m the 60’s stove was shot

and replacing it, as well as capping the fireplace

that has leaked during a flood , on the outside

as well as inside . Flashing was also placed .

The next months I found a 30 day evict notice.

I stayed Feb thru May, in relocating efforts

and a major health issue that resulted( as I

had been told I would not have rent increased

and the house would not be sold )

The farm house I went too, had been for sale for

8 years , had black mold , dampness was horrific

and a new agent repeatedly abused my privacy

and safety but sold the white elephant , and

a friend rescued me.. A farm house that I could

do what I wanted with , was fraught with toxic

issues, and an addiction in LL that tested me

with 90 plus days of no hot water ..

LL was heard , attesting to the more revenue

and more connections , the more heard you are

in court ..

Again my things packed in a U Haul , homeless

for 2 weeks , and all that negative rendering .

Currently in an apartment , just learning

of arsenic in bricks, mold in ceiling tiles

with a LL who wants me to move so a redo

can transform this over 100 year old elephant

that has been neglected and abused over long.

It’s been brought up in court , my excessive

moving , like I choose this experience.

It is but another cause I hope to embrace ,

given the adversities of holding a home has

reached so many, and will only grow , it’s

past time to educate and enforce landlord

tenant law , to the benefit of all involved .

Homelessness happens when personal misfortune and economic and political forces collide. The challenge in Thurston County and Olympia is to address both the individual issues โ€” addiction, mental illness, disabilities, and other challenges โ€” and the larger structural problems.
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