Landlords Game

Monopoly wasn’t invented by the Parker Brothers, nor the man they gave it credit for. In 1904, Monopoly was originally called The Landlord’s Game, and was invented by a radical woman. Elizabeth Magie’s original game had not one, but two sets of rules to choose from.

One was called “Prosperity”, where every player won money anytime another gained a property. And the game was won by everyone playing only when the person with the least doubled their resources. A game of collaboration and social good.

The second set of rules was called “Monopoly”, where players succeeded by taking properties and rent from those with less luck rolling the dice. The winner was the person who used their power to eliminate everyone else.

Magie’s mission was to teach us how different we feel when playing Prosperity vs Monopoly, hoping that it would one day change national policies.

When the Parker Bros adopted the game, they erased Magie, they erased the “Prosperity” rules and celebrated “Monopoly”. This is why very few games of Monopoly end in better friendships! Some even end friendships! What they couldn’t erase was Magie’s lesson.

‘Housing is a human right’—Philly organizer explains why housing must be centered in 2020 campaigns

Definitely , a crisis I have noted since the early 90s and it’s epidemic now.

Certainly worthy of resolving ASAP

In the 2020 race, Democratic candidates are finally beginning to speak deeply about the housing crisis. Community organizer, educator, and Philadelphia City Councilmember Helen Gym, however, believes that housing is actually one of the most central…
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