Major shift , has happened comments which are mixed . 3 minutes

I did a lemon ginger shot , and 1st thing upon

waking was releasing , flowing with ease .

Gut issues are normal , pain is an old friend

so I don’t recall too much pain.

I received small reusable magnets 🧲 in an order

today .. Magnet therapy helps .

Grounding : 25/50 lbs of Pharma grade

magnesium sulfate !

Dehydration : organic water Mellon juice

kombucha, staying hydrated it hard ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Even Notre Dame is discussed

At Burning Man, the Temple always is set on fire the last night

with all the prayers and memories of the dead and loved who’ve transitioned inside.

This is reminding me of that ceremony.

quote from Gayla D’Gaia