Nepal’s ‘Mother Teresa’ Has Rescued Over 18,000 Girls from Sex Trafficking

Nepal’s ‘Mother Teresa’ Has Rescued Over 18,000 Girls from Sex Trafficking
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New Research Says Physical Pain Is Directly Connected To Emotional Stress And Trauma – Higher Perspective

Totally agree, as well as RX pain meds often

increase pain, as does sugar, alcohol , refined foods


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hays

is a great source for releasing emotional

pain that shows up physically .

Are you in a lot of pain?
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Little Caesars’ Founder Covered Rosa Parks’ Rent For Over A Decade

How cool is this ?

Little Caesars’ Founder Covered Rosa Parks’ Rent For Over A Decade
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Bad News That was Magnificent Manifestation

On Tuesday September 3 rd , I pushed through general

weakness , to drive into the city , for my Ozone treatment

and begin my allergy treatment again . Pushed through

the $450 payment , added to the cost of new eyeglasses

as I pay for one pair , $600 plus , sunglasses 😎 yet to buy .

I pushed through the loss of 3 teeth bridge on my upper

right , that challenges chewing , due to the right upper

bridge being extremely loose ..

I push through , knowing teeth and gum health or lack of

relate to heart heath .

I push through the momentum of culminations of horrific

past energies , lack of support and foundations , as I move

forward to my personal rewards , without fear , with

vision , and faith .. I know who I am ..

So as I take my position , in my chair , I acknowledge an elder

in treatment , and communication ensues. that includes her

inclusion of a study of S. S. ( dry mouth ) thus carried information

I could use , as mine has been triggered by health issues recently .

Her email waits in my box ..

I had alternative or 2 for her edification, so it was a very good thing .

I overheard Ashley , speak to a patient outside were I was

and caught the nuance , Dr is moving his practice to

Charlottesville , Va , while leaving a satellite in the city .

His practice will include the use of Hyperbaric medicine .

Where oxygen exist in a cell, disease cannot exist .

Hyperbaric medicine – Wikipedia
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Dr has had this dream, as shared with me , many years

ago, and finally it is realized . As he had guest rooms

at his Mount Rogers site , I suggested he hook up with

RB&Bs … A possibility of a gal who is moving her family

to work along side Dr . Thrilled beyond measure for Dr

and he joins a gal I use who has non prescribed safe

diagnostic center that includes Thermograms which I

began at least 10 years ago ..also located in Charlottesville!

It’s a lovely area , and I plan to utilize Drs new digs as

he begins the actualization of a long held dream .

Of course he was grinning ear to ear , feet hardly hitting

the ground 🌈🎁💯.

This was repeated , by a deserving soul , who is taking

her life back, relocating close in , children in tow , to begin

a new , after a very dark , very abusive decade plus ..

Excited and looking forward to having me over

to eat 🥰🙏🏼

Another sends her only child , home schooled with a wisdom

beyond her decade on earth , to public school . I have been honored

per request of child to be be her contact , should Mom not be

reachable .

I could be the only one, who knows , and that’s ok, but there

is way more authentic reality in holding close to dreams

even challenged by time, adversity often means close outs

or stepping out of that which impedes you, or is adverse

to your code ..

I’m in awe , that even with a few blips ahead, life unfolds

like a magic carpet ride , simple , sweet , mysterious

and sooner than later Luna will “Land ” 😝

I’m already there in my soul 🌈👁.

Congrats to Dr .. I’ll be posting his relocation specifics

as I have them , as well as his full range of services .

He gave me info , that I must delve into with another Dr

before sharing ..eye related ..

It is with much gratitude I post this tribute to a man

with a mission and a dream he held and manifested

since I have known him 2006 – 2019 🥳🙏🏼💯🎁


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

She sings a part of me – Things are about to get Good @Shania Twain

Music and Music makers were integral to my healing .

Therapy.. So I rocked to Shania’s high energy stuff , strong

wo man , kick ass , unique , artful videos .

I also noted the public betrayal of her Beloved , only

to rise with the reverb of her outpouring of love

Her gift of self , is the very heart and soul, vulnerable

High Priestess..

So much more precious is her Beloved who met her in

a stay of high vibration in heaven on earth .

Blessed ?

So He’ll abide

Any Man of Mine , got it ? I Do ♥️😎💯🌈👁🎶

So with this offering , I weep for joy , as she sings

for many , gender does not factor ..

Blessings Abound, Harvest Indeed

Revelations has opened the flood

gates of 🎁 and its only Gratitude

that I am here , a tad worn and weary

but by damn … whew 💥🧚🏽‍♀️🎶

3 days sleep would require a ” lude”

Let’s Go Out …be a woman

Have fun ..even at home alone

Just do it .

Like this new video, slower , savor

intimacy , feel what you feel in feminine

and hold a piece of this always

just an idea , conjure of what supports

your quest 🌈👁

Traditional Herbal Medicine Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells, Researchers Report — ScienceDaily #2

I just found this, checked in with Maya and

she affirmed , how timely to hear of Ruth G’s

diagnosis of pancreatic cancer…

I have faith that like Jimmy Carter who alternatively

healed his cancer Ruth , can and will heal her

dis ease..

Please join me in the energy of getting this info to her

ASAP .. I already use Black Seed towards hair growth .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

An herb used in traditional medicine by Middle Eastern countries may help fight pancreatic cancer. Researchers have found that thymoquinone, an extract of nigella sativa seed oil, blocked pancreatic cancer cell growth and killed cells by enhancing programmed cell death. The findings suggest that thymoquinone could eventually have use as a preventative in those who have had surgery and chemotherapy or who are at risk of developing cancer.
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