Through The Eyes Of A Narcissistic Personality. – We Are Warriors – Medium

These strategies may work for anyone looking to genuinely try a new approach to behaviors associated with narcissistic traits, in attempt to stop being destructive.
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Hopi Messenger So Many Truths from Ancestors

Including the messages of the Peace Accord agreed to represented

by the 4Corners

Thymoquinone-induced oxidative stress targets highly aggressive prostate cancers, researchers find — ScienceDaily

Researchers have demonstrated that thymoquinone (TQ) a major component of black seed oil (Nigella sativa) can suppress the growth of several aggressive prostate cancer (PCa) cell lines, in vitro. Although previous studies have shown the anti-proliferative effects of TQ in different types of cancers, the molecular mechanism of this effect of TQ had not been delineated.
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Let’s Put this Together – Narcissism 101. Knowledge and education is vital to starting out on your journey to recovery – OR – great for a brush up course to remember where we came from and where we NEVER want to return to!

Greg has a very good bead on the insanity of narcissist abuse

Much has been my experience as the continued target , regrettably

no positive movement forward , or end via the truth , requires

action …

Laws must be enacted, courts , therapist, society , clergy require

education .

Targets loose so very much , our sons their children …Still in the

matrix / cult….


Let’s Put this Together – Narcissism 101. Knowledge and education is vital to starting out on your journey to recovery – OR – great for a brush up course to remember where we came from and where we NEVER want to return to!
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Frontiers | Breaking the Cybernetic Code: Understanding and Treating the Human Metacognitive Control System to Enhance Mental Health | Psychology

The self-regulatory executive function (S-REF) model explains the role of strategic processes and metacognition in psychological disorder and was a major influence on the development of metacognitive therapy. The model identifies a universal style of perseverative negative processing termed the cognitive attentional syndrome (CAS), comprised of worry, rumination, and threat monitoring in the development of disorder. The CAS is linked to dysfunctional metacognitions that include beliefs and plans for regulating cognition. In this paper I extend the theoretical foundations necessary to support further research on mechanisms linking metacognition to cognitive regulation and effective treatment. I propose a metacognitive control system (MCS) of the S-REF that can be usefully distinguished from cognition and is comprised of multiple structures, information and processes. The MCS monitors and controls activity of the cognitive system and regulates the behaviour of neural networks whose activities bias the way cognition is experienced. Metacognitive information involved in the regulation of on-line processing includes metacognitive beliefs, metacognitive procedural commands, and more transient cybernetic code. Separation of the cognitive and metacognitive systems and modelling their relationship presents major implications concerning what should be done in therapy and how it should be done. The paper concludes with an in-depth consideration of methods that strengthen the psychological basis of psychotherapy and aid in understanding and applying metacognitive therapy in particular. Finally, limitations of the model and implications for future research on self-awareness, self-regulation and metacognition are discussed.
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The winter solstice begins a season of storytelling and ceremony | Smithsonian Voices | National Museum of the American Indian | Smithsonian

In the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice is the year’s day of least sunlight, when the sun takes its lowest, shortest path across the sky. North of the Arctic Circle, it is the midpoint of the period of darkness, when even twilight doesn’t reach the horizon. We asked a few of our Native friends to share traditions they’ve heard about the winter solstice. Their answers highlight winter as a time for storytelling.
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