End of rigging sees women beat men in Tokyo Medical School exam — Quartz

Multiple Japanese medical schools were found to have been doctoring the scores of applicants to accept fewer females.
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For The First Time In History, Harvard Has Four Black Women Faculty De – BOTWC

All photos via: The Harvard Crimson   For the first time in Harvard University’s history, four of its schools are led by Black women, reports The Harvard Crimson. In August 2018, Professor Claudine Gay became the latest string of Black women to be appointed to dean positions at the university. Her role as dean of the F
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Why Don’t Schools Teach Children Morality and Empathy? – The Atlantic

The pressures of national academic standards have pushed character education out of the classroom.
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College Illiteracy is Growing | Intellectual Takeout

Start at the top

What do students really need to learn ?

What’s been with held for over 50 years factually .

Why is education corporate ? It should be free .

Frat and Sorority houses should be banned

as well as alcohol .

Nutrition should be #1 , offering only highest

quality foods , and beverages ..

Noice levels should be honored .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Almost 50 percent of professors said that students are well-prepared academically for university study.
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The Decay of our Language is Happening | Intellectual Takeout

It’s been in decline for decades , and I sense great improvement

indicated will be transformative ✔️

Something is clearly rotten in the state of language.
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Healing the Mother Wound , Lisa has a lot of great info within

There were a few blips , but very valuable .

Thanks Lisa , opening your life and education to aide

so many ..