Delicate though they may seem, willows were designed to be able to move into the most extreme environments.

In the harsh landscape of the high arctic, after even the heartiest conifers cease to grow, you will find whole fields of humble dwarf willows. Seeking water in the desert, you’d be wise to search for their familiar green fringe signaling hidden channels of water.

If you break off the flexible wand of a willow’s branch, it has the ability to re-root almost anywhere. With this intricate strategy, evolved over many millennia of living along river currents and stormy tides, willow branches simply allow themselves to be carried downstream where they can grow anew.

Born from breakage, willows embrace the turbulence that comes with perching yourself on the bank of a moving world, and they are able to use that tumult to thrive.

There is no question that we live in a tumultuous time. And yet, we too we’re born from breakage. We too are here to help the Earth recover and thrive.



Learn the profoundly healing message of Willows (and why self-forgiveness is like willow water, whatever it pours on will thrive). From Chapter 9 of Mirrors in the Earth.

Holding the Line- The Narrative has collapsed


ALL of the deceptions from the Dark Ones are now rapidly backfiring.

They don’t realize that the people they’re restricting access to society are those who are:

The Creatives – Willing to find ways to live outside of the box, those who get inspired by challenge to find their own solutions.

The Rebels – Who have been misfits many times in the past so they’re immune to being excluded.

The Wild Ones – With deep connection & reverence to the land, who knows nature has everything they need.

The Old Souls – Who’s seen this all before & have been persecuted over lifetimes for doing things differently.

The Healers – Who are resourced with tools & modalities outside of the mainstream to restore balance & vitality.

The Rainbow Warriors – Who know what’s sacred & aren’t afraid to stand strong in their convictions.

The Inner Peace Seekers – Who were already adopting a slower way of living & detaching from commodities.

The Optimists – With an inner knowing of what really matters who can adapt their perspective to see the blessings that difficulties can bring.

The Stubborn Ones – Who won’t bend to coercion no matter how tight you squeeze, who finds ways to adapt to obstacles before going against their truth.

The Intuitive – Who trust their inner voice before any external noise.

The Lions & Lionesses – Who fiercely protect their young & will stop at nothing to hold the line as you awaken the fire within.

The Sovereign – Ones who won’t be threatened into backing down because they have already made their choice.

Stay strong, hold the line.👊🔥❤️

~ author unknown

Wolf Woman / My personal totem of nature

“Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength. They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mates, and their pack. They are experienced in adapting constantly to changing circumstances; they are fiercely stalwart and very brave. Yet both have been hounded, harassed, and falsely imputed to be devouring and devious, overly aggressive, of less value than those who are their detractors. They have been targets of those who would clean up the wilds as well as the wildish environs of the psyche, extincting the instinctual, and leaving no trace behind. The predation of wolves and women by those who misunderstand them in strikingly similar.”

  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Wolf Woman (WIP)”
Mixed Media


You are strong.

Sometimes strength means saying no.

Sometimes strength means pushing really hard.

Sometimes strength means saying “enough”.

Sometimes strength means being exceptionally brave.

Sometimes strength means taking a break.

Sometimes strength means saying hard things.

Sometimes strength means doing hard things.

Sometimes strength means finding your heart again.

Sometimes strength means finding peace.

Sometimes strength means looking different than everyone else.

Sometimes strength means feeling emotion.

Sometimes strength means asking for help.

Sometimes strength means helping others.

Sometimes strength means being a friend.

Sometimes strength means being the friend.

Sometimes strength means breaking down barriers.

Sometimes strength means being content.

Sometimes strength means waiting.

Sometimes strength means being strong when you are tired of being so strong.

Sometimes strength means finding happiness.

Sometimes strength means determination.

Strength looks different depending on the person.
The circumstance.
The time.

You are strong.

Thank you for all of your strong.
I see you.

Finding Joy

Shared with Love
Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

Artist~ Unknown

Woman’s Spirit

See The Woman
She has a young face
An old face
She carries herself well
In all ages
She survives all man has done

In some tribes she is free
In some religions
She is under man
In some societies
She’s worth what she consumes

In some nations
She is delicate strength
In some states
She is told she is weak
In some classes
She is property owned

In all instances
She is sister to earth
In all conditions
She is life bringer
In all life she is our necessity

See the woman eyes
Flowers swaying
On scattered hills
Sundancing calling in the bees

See the woman heart
Lavender butterflies
Fronting blue sky
Misty rain falling
On soft wild roses

See the woman beauty
Lightning streaking
Dark summer nights
Forests of pines mating
With new winter snow

See the woman spirit
Daily serving courage
With laughter
Her breath a dream
And a prayer.”

~ John Trudell

Artist: Angela Betta Casale

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She’s Coming into her power

She’s coming into her power…
She spent years not realizing who she was.She doubted her beauty, her intelligence and her power.She was one who always felt that she didn’t quite belong because when she came into this life, her ties to the world of spirit remained far too strong..She was confused and lost throughout her youth, unable to see herself much less accept and appreciate herself. 
As a result she was like a ship bobbing in the ocean without a rudder and without the sails of confidence to direct her towards her own promised land.She was one who bereft of her own acceptance, hungered for it and searched for it through relationships with others.She was a people pleaser as a result, she would not risk confrontation in order to support herself,she succumbed to being influenced by the opinions of others even though she had already received her instruction from within.
She allowed her truth to be sublimated, she allowed herself to be controlled…Her need to be accepted and loved was such that she wasn’t prepared to step on or over any toes.It took her years of being taken for granted,ruled and overlooked before she put two and two together,had enough and got the message.
Her suffering forced her to step out of the status quo that had always been too tight for her in the first place…she became an avid seeker, searching for answers…She needed to know who she was, she needed to know why she was here.She needed to find a way to free herself from fearShe travelled far and wide,She sat at the feet of a master,She became a Yogini of an ancient lineageand applied the teachings to her life, She grew strong,She awakened her heartShe awakened her shakti, Her third eye opened as a result…
Her potentials started to be unearthed rapidly because the veils had parted and she recognized who she was,She also recognized who everyone else was behind their socialized facadeand because she had seen through the myth of idealized perfection,she could appreciate the actual perfection of the imperfections in herself and in others that she had once resisted and rejected.
Today she walks with conscious awareness..she no longer labels people as good or bad,She interprets everything as fluctuating energy without a fixed assignment.She holds space for the confusion of others because she’s been there and she still visits that place herselfshe understands their hunger for love misappropriated as selfishness, jealousy and competition…She feels their vulnerability as she feels her own…She knows the fear reflected in their eyes through her own past terror…
But underneath all of it she can see the obscured light, the presence of God/dess despite all the protective armor…She’s aware of this same divine presence vibrating in her body and in her heart… She’s not so quick to cast judgment anymore because she knows that she is not above those that she is tempted to judge…she knows that she is not separateAnd because she gives herself permission to be herself as she is,she can accept others as they are with appreciation and compassion …
She’s not invested in changing anyone either, she respects everyone’s chosen path because she understands that every soul is doing exactly what they need to do in order to evolveSo it is not her place to save anyone from their own lessons…She reveals, heals, inspires and encourages instead,she reminds others of their forgotten divinity…She holds up a mirror so that they can see God/dess reflected back…
She has become a midwife for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine soul.The shy, timid maiden has transformed into the courageous, outspoken mother of all…She says it as she sees it confidently without shrinking back,She’s fiercely protective of the helpless,She’s A torch for those lost in darkness,and she’s not afraid to take a stand for peace and love to flourish in this world…
if someone tries to persuade her against her own knowing she simply and graciously responds, “Thank you for sharing.”and she walks away…Because she trusts her “self”,She knows that she is Divine Mother embodied..
She is Artemis of the wild merged with…compassionate Tara and warrior Durga…She has traversed the journey of Inanna into the dark underworld and emerged in possession of her kingdomShe knows why she is here and she’s fulfilling her purpose..She’s not alone, she’s among manywho have chosen to return bearing love as their message,their path and their gift of healing. 
© Caroline de Lisser
🌀Nicole Sacred Wild Woman Medicine 
Artist~ Tarn Ellis