Adverse Effects of Pitocin in Newborns ~ paper presented at ACOG meeting

Study Finds Adverse Effects of Pitocin in Newborns May 7, 2013 New Orleans, LA — Induction and augmentation of labor with the hormone oxytocin may not be as safe for full-term newborns as previously believed, according to research presented today
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10 Reasons to Avoid Being Induced Chiropractor and Acupuncture in Heber Valley, Community Health & Wellness – Heber Valley Auto Accident, Whiplash and Personal Injury


A few grandchildren were C -Section.

The breastfeeding issue was mine as well

as grandchildren .

How very sad .

I did not have a 4 th , though I wanted one.

A vasectomy was preformed , demanding

my signature . Frankly I did not know of him

seeing a doctor.

To my knowledge he has never had an eye exam

and wears magnifying glasses .

In my experience all of his teeth but for

a few were rotted out , which I discovered

in 1998, and triggered me so badly I had

to be hospitalized. He urged the doctor to

let me out prematurely , and I had to return.

It was a case of fire 🔥 or frying pan .

As a medicated Domestic Abused , knowing

this for 13 years , watching , sensing , feeling

each person’s emotion , living as dead …

Even in the pain that is evoked with each

strategic move , and I am forced to deal

with current abuses , I pray this is this last

time which is approaching at insistence

that’s intensifying , and reckless .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

A common decision today’s parents will face during childbirth is birth induction. A birth induction happens when the labor of a pregnant woman is artificially started, usually with the synthetic form of oxytocin, pitocin
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Indigenous Doulas Are Reclaiming Birthing Practices Colonization Tried to Erase – Broadly

The ekw’í7tl Indigenous Doula Collective is working to restore age-old customs around pregnancy and childbirth—and reestablish a traditional reverence for women and families in the process.
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New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine Damages The Liver | The Healthy Home Economist

I warn ..within ” family ” it’s taken as oppositional

negative , and worthless information.

Damaging , as well as creating diseases in

vaccinations that so many are awake to.

I pray education through friends is happening .

I pray for those children affected .

Quantum healing modalities are going to resolve

much of what we Experience now .

Former “family” , lost a 20 year friendship because

baby was not in a car seat .. I personally took

the eldest child/ infant in family temperature

as asked when dropping off a table full of food.

New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine Damages The Liver | The Healthy Home Economist
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Psychology Today – Circumcision’s Psychological Damage – Intaction

I questioned circumcision with my 1st son,

and deferred to Ped Dr

who was uneducated about the facts of an

unnecessary sexual

mutilation . Leaving deep trauma so quickly

after birth is a

betrayal of sacred trust of infant and mother.

As integrated marriages began , it was the

uncut male of color

who threatened the status quo , and it also

generates income.

Baby did react adversely , screaming when

he urinated .

Without the natural ” snood” where all’s

comfortable , instead

of being exposed to constant stimuli .

Deeply personal, I have no intention of

shaming , but pointing

out my experience of doubt , sticking with

AMA insanity ; upon

learning the facts , I was wasted in shame and

pain for what explained by a trusted Dr

as normal, painless , healthy ..

Psychology Today – Circumcision’s Psychological Damage – Intaction
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Mothers are being abused during childbirth. We need our own #MeToo | Sally Gimson | Opinion | The Guardian

1st was over 2 weeks, OB told nite to hold me

back, after telling me he drove a Porsche and

would be right there .

She told him to get his ass there , I was having

a baby .

I delivered a non alert, 9 lb 3 Oz , 22″ baby

a shade of purple blue , with his cord wrapped

around his neck 3 times ..

After telling me the facts , I sent the RN labor

delivery nurse a dozen roses , and the Dr a letter

explaining why I considered him at fault , nearly

costing my 1st born his life , in requesting nurse

hold me back.

Of course with his recent death , he was the BEST

OBGYN , ever , just like his Dad .

Cut to accommodate a 14 ” head , I was not sutured

correctly ..

Women are scared to speak out about what has happened as they give birth, says Sally Gimson, deputy editor of Index on Censorship
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