Flying Monkeys – Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based “Parental Alienation” (AB-PA)

My client is at risk. My child is at risk from a group of people who seek to disrupt and damage the recovery of children from complex trauma and child abuse that are achieved by Dorcy Pruter. My client’s recovery is at risk from these people.  We have taken to calling this symptom feature of…
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Masculine Transmutation : Shout Out -You Are Divinely Held

In my meditations, I am not swinging as much

in negative thinking towards the dark masculine

shadow , in my effort to support masculine

transmutation of harsh dark shadow energy

and join the feminine who have joined in

Christ Consciousness, to lead by example the

joy and light that truth brings .

Surrendering these depicted wounds is very

difficult in a heavily Divinity that has been taught

constriction, quiet , locking up emotionally is

the fire in the belly of a real man , when it only

leads to many negatives , including premature

death , death of the soul, and given that, man

turns on himself , just to feel something..even pain.

I feel that pain, intensely , and having transmuted

my own, serving all this life as an old soul

I have observed generations , and I pled

in prayer as my voice , my words are rejected

and abused , that masculine energies lay their

burden down .

Heal the child within , being with your truths ,

even if only 1 person hears you, know you are

worthy and much needed as we pull heaven

to earth in a light so bright , shades are absolutely


Dare to dream.

Open your heart.

Surrender to your magnificent god self

Forgive , and rejoice in laughter as well as tears

in the silence hear the voice of Beloved

who calls out in love and admiration

in prayer for a higher love that stands

as ordained by Divine , all that is

as we come together in the greater love

where love light is the beacon always and

ever more .

©️Doña Luna

With more Blessings and tears in my heart for

the rejoicing that shall be yours ..soon very soon.

Much Thanks for your every effort .

More than 75 Percent of All ‘Honey’ Sold in Grocery Stores contains No Honey At All – Organic Home Remedies

Buy local honey !

More than 75 Percent of All ‘Honey’ Sold in Grocery Stores contains No Honey At All – Organic Home Remedies
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Breathing to Heal Your Body and Mind: A Powerful Exercise

I personally need more help with respiratory issues.

Breathing deeply can be a powerful catalyst for healing and regeneration of the mind and body. Breath worker Shems Heartwell shares a powerful exercise.
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Thermography For Breast Cancer – Accurate And Early Diagnosis

I have utilized this for 15 years , and am totally

pleased with the results .

I have presented as suspicious when I strongly

felt it was inflammation, which was confirmed

by a follow up.

Inflammation also showed up in gums , which

15 years ago several hygienist wanted to treat as gum

disease. Return visits found normal gums ..

Gut, thyroid, major things are viewed in this process

which is worthy of utilizing , leaving nothing in the body..

If you are wondering about mammography vs thermography for breast cancer screening, you may want to make an informed decision before you take
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