Study: New Immune Cells Found in Breast Milk Make It Irreplaceable – Mothering

Totally . Nursed each of our 3 ..

Researchers from Augusta University have detected the presence of immune cells called innate lymphoid cells, or ILCs, in human breast milk.
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Legendary Roger Federer spends whopping $13.5m to open 81 schools in Africa – The Youth

How great is this ?

Legendary Roger Federer spends whopping $13.5m to open 81 schools in Africa – The Youth
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It’s a must to forgive …release the past , just be Willing …

Holiday Mathis

There are multiple versions of each and every person. There’s the version in your head, the version in theirs and the version in the head of every other person. These are all, to some degree, inaccurate summations. As the sun moves out of the sign of the twins, identity is something to accept. Relax. Don’t overthink it. Happy summer solstice!

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You’re drawn to unexplored territories today, and it’s very likely that you’ll be the one to make discoveries and map out the terrain for those who come along later.

I am indeed the bridge , as I complete a cycle

, acknowledge a mission well done, I am deeply in awe , profoundly transformed,

and liberated by a tapestry of many generations. In that has been , many elements fears ,

now transmuted , deflated

as I began to set boundaries, long needed.

Many foundational life challenges slowed

my effort , but just like the faith that has

never been extinguished , love has been

hard fought,beginning within me .My

ability to see why it was imperative I

had to forgive , and that was arduous and very Detailed …where I discovered the

Devil …and eventually as much I could

why adaptation of soul to such shadow .

And of course my understanding led to

empathy , and a huge desire to release this by sharing my journey , which became

OUR journey, which has massive potential

to be transformed .

I am sharing all that I have , all that I can

shadow only in increments, because it is

being exposed and transmuted , or

eliminated as so many are.. Releasing

that our chalice is empty , filling with what we need now , and it’s raining for a reason.

Cleansing ..

More than can be explained , all that is

and all that ever will be , love ❤️ has found me worthy ,more polishing required that my voice reflects my heart …and all that have

“threads “ in my tapestry . I rejoice quietly

a sense of peace for what this force and rewards as well as a few challenges await

aware nothing will be repeated of abuse only of Benevolence..

Thank Yous, and So Much Pride in US , our

stories , our truths , our bonds , our coming together .

Let us Play , today as Heaven and Earth are closer to ONENESS.



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Who buys a trafficked child for sex? Otherwise ordinary men.

Transforming this in a major way .

This is sickening ..heartbreaking

Men who pay to rape a child suffer few, if any, consequences.
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Radford alternative medicine therapist charged with 64 counts of practicing without a license | News |

In what was Divine Intervention , that I have

to accept , for my protection and greater good

I failed to connect with this practitioner

after high praise from a referral .

Time after time for several days, my efforts failed

via email to fill out the questionnaire , or

contact by phone, I grew wary and quit.

Eventually , so did the individual who referred

me , and it became real upon reading of these

charges , that seemed an inevitable result .

I understand the persecution of alternatives

in medicine , but as 50% of us believe it’s

more mainstream and thus must meet certain

standards . States can be extreme , unjust

and discriminate in standards to advantage

or disadvantage , this case is extremely difficult

but will serve to educate and catalyst needed

change and safety for all involved .


Blessings & Much Peace ,

Doña Luna 😘

A Radford alternative medicine practitioner was arrested Monday on dozens of charges tied to performing procedures without a proper license.
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