Bing: Havamalt (Maltese-Havanese Mix) Info, Care, Puppies and Pictures

A local litter is available, and how cool would one of these guys be as a family addition?

There is another mixed breed , that I’d love to pair this wee one with , for their enjoyment of each other , and certainly for me .

The old matrix of addiction Ends

Chiron is the wounded healer planet ,

discovered in 1977. I wed in 1977.

There was a term given to those wed

in 1977 as well. It escapes me now, for

I am in the dream cycle of revelations

that Divine has assured me were due .

Like a new born . As I ran to the PO to

pick up passages , and meet a friend ,

and head into town , where I shared love.

A lovely meal, more love ❤ as I spoke

of the great awareness , deeply impacted

by truths that I faced years upon years

as I went in and out of deep spirit and

dark shadow , that’s getting light , finally

finately , and a finale .

I have located land where I feel led to

In such divinity as to have me crying

and deeply humble as I realized the

perfection in the unfolding , even the

the tower moments..

Having healed my induced addictions,

and tower moments galore, Luna’s✌❤🙏🎊 Retreat has been brought to me by earth Angel’s, and it’s a dream, within a dream awake , asleep , and there is no fear , for I have no doubts where I belong and 10000 reasons why I belong on my farm . It’s completion , though a tad scary and trying on the physical , I move forward and I dont over push . I take excellent care of me. I am grateful to be past lessons that are draining , and pain filled..

Far too much joy and real life living to do..Deserving folks are needing help , never asked for it and it’s time to do more .


Blessings ♾Peace,

Dona Luna 😘