Judgement Explained by Tarot , plus my experience

Around over 5 thousand years , Tarot became

evil, blasphemy, with the dominate male

who shielded abuses behind religious

inference , his way, and women were

discriminated against . Witches , Crones

translated to Wise Women, and irreverence

for wisdoms in all things was banished

slowly , over 100s of thousands of years

ago; a division that currently has a raw open

wounded , often dank energy .. it’s healing

as this last cycle of division lends itself to


In self help, like astrology , amongst so many

modalities of self awareness , we try to accept

our Divinity while healing ourselves that

we bring heaven to earth…

That judgement card tricked me at 1st, and

I pulled a lot of swords ….



An example of women artists seldom exalted 50 plus minutes

The 1st song Hard Life, is beautifully truthful.

The 2nd by MCC , sings of the betrayal of the 90’s

by an narcissistic. Outta my life.

Linking my deep feelings for truth and justice

for our sons, does not include active feelings

for former . Advantaging himself is as natural

and unconscious as breathing .

3 is the Indigo Girls , whose music is not familiar

1991 throwback lol


When the kind parent is the targeted scapegoat

Tears flowed freely reading this , so much has been

evoked, and still each stands as is, not one true act

of family..quite the opposite …still.. Self revealing

and bound , with holding in secrets that uphold lies

and abuses sanctioned and supported in a corruption

of souls that decided I should be targeted .

Judges and critics , mentored children to dispose of me

and their survival required my living death . It’s very

hard to ignore , as my finances have been adversely affected

and still he threatens .

Adult Children with Cluster B personalities tend to use and abuse loving parents. Learn how to help them and yourself by setting healthy lifestyle boundaries.
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