Isolation Abuse of Narcissism

Her words blew me away as the experiences I have had are part of the entirety of the dark shadow that never sees the light .

I seemed to have known for decades after event after event , stagnant growth that deteriorated in a lack of consciousness and connection with God and he must have known .

Loosing respect , trust and love as you fear for your children while in a ” chemical straightjacket ” and under his control , unable to find legal representation for this ongoing high conflict , malignant war he remains in .

In a time of rising consciousness , those who continue to abuse , use and target another are exposing themselves in the equation .

Across the board , the highest on high in our world to the lowest of the low , we choose our destiny after hardships that defy anything close to normal , or safe .

On my own is absolutely the right place for me 🙏

Wake up Women

They have come for us

We who are female

We who bleed

They are trying to pull us backwards

To a time where their hatred of us was open

Where they controlled all of what we said and did

Their patriarchy perpetuates itself through their churches


Step out of your complacency

Step out of your father’s house

Step out of your husband’s house

Step out and lift your voice

Embrace your freedom

Embrace your sisters

Embrace your sovereignty

We women are sacred and whole unto ourselves

Shed the males who oppress you

Shed the beliefs that limit you

Shed anything that you wish

YOU are in charge of yourself

YOU are in charge of your body

YOU should be running the world

YOU are spiritual power embodied


– Tizzy Hyatt

Image: Joey Spadaro


The story of Medusa is a story of the natural response to injustice, and of the vilifying of feminine rage. ⁣⁣


Medusa was said to be born exceptionally beautiful, and because of this she caught the eye of Poseidon, who impregnated her in the temple of Athena. When Athena learned of this, it is said that she punished Medusa by turning her into a Gorgon and exiling her. ⁣⁣


For ages the story of Medusa has put fear into people, but the true story here is that Medusa was a victim because of her physical beauty, and then she became empowered and as a result was feared. ⁣⁣


What if Athena exiled and turned her it into a gorgon not as a punishment, but as an act of grace and empowerment? That never again should Medusa be violated? She gave her space and a powerful means to protect herself. Medusa now had the ability turn to stone anyone who came after her with the intent to harm or violate. ⁣⁣


Even after Perseus managed to kill Medusa by her severing her head from her body, her power wasn’t diminished. It’s said that the blood from her head had the ability to both kill and to raise from the dead. A lock of her hair was used to protect an entire city!! ⁣⁣


Medusa is a symbol of feminine rage. Patriarchy sees the female body as either something to exploit, to fear or to distain, rather than respect and revere. It certainly doesn’t want push back or empowered rage. So we’ve been spoon fed these ghastly distorted tales, warning women to “know their place”. But reading between the lines we see a while other story. ⁣⁣


Righteous Rage alway has a place in society and within each of us. ⁣⁣


In yesterday‘s post I spoke of the goddess Durga, with her many arms and her ability to destroy demons and to protect and liberate. What if Medusa is really just a vilified archetype similar to Durga? Imagine stopping violence and lies dead in its tracks just by one’s gaze ? By calling it for what it is? ⁣⁣


Read between the lines, we see a whole other story of Medusa than what we’ve been fed. We see the story of righteous rage and feminine justice. And the power it has to destroy, heal and protect. ⁣⁣

Image: statue by Luciano Garbati – reimagining of Medusa




You Were Right

“You were right.

Your deepest darkest fears were not unfounded.

The vagina dentata is not a mythical nightmare.

It truly is real.

The teeth are real.

Teeth that bite and tear and sever.

And they are ours.

You thought you were safe, that everything and everywhere was yours.

You were wrong.

You violated your word, our space, our bodies, us.

We are not yours and we’re coming to remind you.

With our hidden pointed teeth.

Like piranhas

We shall consume you.

You can’t stay out of the water to keep yourself safe

Because everywhere is our ocean.

We have cried enough tears to flood the world

Thanks to you.

And now we shall swim wherever we please

With our teeth ready and vision clear.

Every bite, a tower consumed.

Bones scattered and broken

Like promises and gaslight lamps.

Look over your shoulder,

The tide is rising and

She is coming.

Justice may be blind,

But she has two sets of teeth.”

~ Laura Tempest Zakroff, 12-7-2017, Teeth of Fish (a poem and a warning)


Art: Dee Mulrooney


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Advice to Healers


Never get involved in someone else’s suffering, everyone carries their own burden.

The man must tire of himself and drink to the bottom the cup of poison that was assigned to him, and until then, if he asks for help, he will approach.

Don’t be cocky and don’t expect to be able to help everyone, never force your guardians to provide something that will not be valued, it is only possible to help those who are prepared and humble to accept the help that comes from your heart.

A suffering person sees the world through their pain, so they are deaf, blind, unbelieving and selfish.

If you intervene in someone else’s suffering without being called and being prepared, the karmic vortex will suck you into someone else’s game, and you will see the face of ingratitude, as well as carrying the bad energy of the other.

Remember that man is capable of infecting his suffering and that will not help you.

Proceed your way by resolving your own life in silence.

Only if you are making your own path will you find the strength and wisdom necessary to help people get up.

(On the picture, a lady healer healing a little girl’s heart from fear. An owl guardian watching. Whenever we do healing or help for someone, we must have a permission from our higher self/great spirit, and from the person’s higher self/great spirit, and from the person. There are exceptions with very small children, elderly, people in coma etc. But even then we must ask higher self for permission.)