LANDMARK RULING: Foster Children Can Now Sue Local Authorities For Abuse | Researching Reform

This is wonderful news …A fellow networker in

Ca to me years ago our sons should sue psychiatrist

and it goes on from there . No one professionally

spoke to them , and so of course their trauma

was ignored , always blaming me , making

me responsible which is ending next week.

Children have rights , are not trophies

or friends , or brothers , so this ruling is major .

A landslide of these cases will trickle, through

courts , as laws change and education and support

for children become a priority of nature and nurture .


Blessings & Much Peace .

Doña Luna

A Supreme Court ruling which has overturned previous precedent and made history, will now allow children abused whilst in foster care to sue the local authorities that placed them. Those who have been abused, as well as child rights campaigners all over the country who have fought tirelessly to establish this duty of care which…
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Police Investigate Murder of Former Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith – Frequent Critic of CPS Corruption

This soon will be exposed CPS is corrupt beyond imagination

and has #Erased2ManyFamlies.

Former Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith was found dead in her home last week, and local media sources are reporting that her death is being investigated as
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Jennifer Hart drove family off a cliff as her wife looked up how much they would suffer, a jury says – CNN

The last sentence, is fact ..

As a drunk Jennifer Hart drove her six adopted children in their family SUV, her wife, Sarah, sat in the passenger seat looking up different ways to end a life.
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Brain scans reveal how badly emotional abuse damages kids

Can you spot the difference between these toddlers’ brains?
They belong to children of the same age, but one is the brain of an emotionally abused toddler…
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Discarded Trash Bags Capture the Struggle of Foster Children in Sobering PSA – Adweek

It has been shadow certainly to discover the various

agencies, groups, services, religions , that have been

using, abusing and ending the lives of children ,

erasing family , in epidemic , yet profitable , war like


That’s ending !


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

#DonateYourSmallTalk campaign raises awareness of system.
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Iowa Social Worker Sued After Lying to Court to Remove Children from Parents

Incentive Exist , each child removed nets feds $30 k

Low pay, burn out , on top of inference of 50 year mis

educated , with few valid improvements that do not

have to do with producing revenue .



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Former Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) social worker Chelsea Gray may finally be facing justice for her part in lying to a judge in 2018 that caused 4
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Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

In this Buzzsaw interview, filmmaker Sean Stone interviews Tammi Stefano, the Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC), and exposes much
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