Black children commit suicide at twice the rate of white kids | Science News

I was unaware of this horrifying fact .

This must , this statistic will be transformed ,

transmuted , eradicated ..


#WeGotThis ✔️💯🔥

The suicide rates for young black kids are higher than those of their white counterparts, a pattern that flips in older kids, researchers find.
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Oregon’s Child Welfare System Hit With Another Class-Action Lawsuit

Ripple or Butterfly effect , by all that is

Sacred, Divine and Holy , we are collectively

shutting out the dark, dank energy that causes

a child harm .

You can bank on it .

The shift, the shift that had many components

is upon us , and many felt as I did , a release

a stand your ground,

a stand up for love .

It’s awesome to feel so calm, and in old

business, it was dead calm .

45-60 days to create my personal plan

Full moon old time line , end cycle stats

that catalyzed me into transforming my

life ,stripped of everything ..standing alone

was imperative , emotions were a force

and along the way , my dreams as a child

began to unfold..little by little , until

I began to realize , I was aware , but shrouded

as if veiled, that life could teach me so many

lessons, high/low , good/bad , and thus transform

so much dark shadow , into light …

Trials & Tribulations ..

About now, it’s gratitude , and knowing I

don’t have to relive any negatives , my

unfolding blueprint is Thy Will, Magic,

Hope , and Unicorns , Mystical Stuff , Plus

gods goddesses, and star people , as well

as earthlings ..Multidimensional are US

Love & Light with in our Warrior Light Brigade



Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

The suit was prompted by a growing number of foster children in Oregon sent to homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers and out of state facilities.
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Keeping Kids in Families – The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Many are at great harm in foster care . Of course

keeping in family is so much healthier. Else

it’s another child abuse example .

In the best interest of the child , not for

profit or power .

Family First When Safe ..©️

Blessings & Peace,

Doña Luna

In this data snapshot, the Annie E. Casey Foundation examines how placements for young people in foster care have changed from 2007 to 2017. Using data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Casey finds that child welfare systems are doing a better job of placing kids in families. At the same time, racial disparities persist for kids of all ages and progress eludes teens in care.
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Healthy 17 Year Old Dies Shortly After South Dakota Takes Custody Away from Mother

This is happening with more frequency ..

A 17 year old boy is dead, and his mother wants answers. The answers that Dawn Van Ballegooyen has been given by the state of South Dakota don’t make sense to
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Standards of Practice: 2007 Documentation of Child Therapy Session – Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based “Parental Alienation” (AB-PA)

This is an actual therapy progress note from February of 2007.  It’s from the intern doing child therapy with a foster care child now adopted, probably about the 3 to 4 year-old age range judging by the treatment interventions being described. These de-identified treatment notes I’m sharing come from a time before I was involved…
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DIGGING DEEPER: Two Child Services caseworkers charged with faking records – WPTA

This is too common. Federally funded 30 k per child is

incentive , inducement to falsify records .. Covering up

one’s errors , being upheld by co workers , department heads

cover ups are common..

Meanwhile families are fractured , destroyed , trauma of such

unholiness that I cannot imagine the Karmic lessons that

will reward the inhumanities perpetrated .

The Adams County Prosecutor has charged two DCS caseworkers with obstructing child abuse investigations and theft, after two separate investigations by the State Inspector General.
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Grieving mother says ‘CFS failed my daughter’ after 4-month-old dies in foster care | CBC News

The family of a four-month old baby is confirming the child died in the custody of foster parents after Child and Family Services took the child from the mother.
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