Narcissist start early planning their new ” happy” life

Many narcissists start setting up “their new life” long before divorce proceedings. You are likely a good-natured, trusting person who wouldn’t consider doing the wrong thing.

Yet the narcissist has no problem, for months or even years: –
❌ siphoning money out of the marriage to put in other bank accounts,
❌ transferring things into other people’s names,
❌ start hiding income,
❌ enlisting minions against you,
and all sorts of other assorted sordid tricks that will blow your mind.

What may also horrify you is that they already have a new love partner ready for them to move in with. How you can be dismissed, replaced and brutalised, when divorcing a narcissist will leave you reeling. This is totally normal and to be expected.

The truth sets us free, and it saves our lives emotionally and even literally. I’m not telling you this stuff to scare you; I’m telling it to warn you and to be prepared. Because rule number 1 is: STOP expecting this person to be honest, fair, sentimental, or do the right thing.

When divorcing a narcissist, some people are past the heartbreak and trauma of losing the person they believed was their soul mate. That wasn’t me, and maybe that’s not you.

If we are still emotionally connected, we are in for a very hard time. We will cling to sentimentality and be triggered into intense devastation when the narcissist acts without a shred of love or kindness. We may still hope for reconciliation and maybe impervious to being manipulated into deals in the narcissist’s favour.

Even for those who are long past the feelings of longing and love, the shock is still intense that a person we once shared our life with has the capacity for deception, maliciousness and total indifference to our needs, feelings or ability to generate our future life.

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Much love xo ❤️

2nd Month Tested and ” Holding “

A very harsh lesson , still on going as I enter a 2nd month of no income except social security.

Indeed the wheeling and dealing was deeply embedded in shadow with intentions of divesting me completely, financially and intentions geared to digress me mentally, physically, financially and spiritually .

With holidaze and weather, further delaying forward movement , I can assure you all thats possible is being done .

Posing as a professional, the facts deny anything professional and though this energy is dank , I have 4 decades of experience and 20 plus pulling in pieces of the puzzle that are my present reality..Different entity..Same MO..

Finally at rest , with half a tank of gas , $10 cash and Thankful for food , I wait patiently for resolution.

Partnership that wasn’t…says much about the other who dwells in distorted energy .

Maintaining my balance as much as possible, grateful I’m present instead of medicated into submission as I was in past partnership of marriage so that business arrangements could be made to benefit the other .

Sensing the varied reasons for this current situation, I will not demure but will continue with my every effort to accomplish my goal of a home . Noting how much effort has been made to thwart my progress , the facts are present and I’m not concerned about the outcome for the other . Abusing my safety, my trust , my health and finances assures justice as Thy Will Be Done .

Snow is yet another challenge with more predicted in a few days . I refuse to live in fear or anger . Noting the severity of my situation of which I cannot detail at this time for legal reasons, I am aware of the opprotunity offered and denied , that have boomerangs , and no I cannot worry about the other’s side effects , for knowing , for enjoying my every trial if not support them in hopes I expire and their abuse kept secret .

Betrayal in Distorted energy is still abuse 💔especially when confidences have been shared and vulnerability exploited for greed and power .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

A narcissist will use your wounds against you. And that’s it! They use the insecure or unhealed inner parts of you like bullets in their gun to fire at you.

A narcissist knows this. They’ve been practising this from a very, very early age.

And they know how to hit that person with those things to trigger them and get them to hand their power over.

As soon as you’re triggered, you’re pulled out of your powerful, innate self, your centre, and you regress back into childhood or past life traumas. Meaning those parts of you have now been activated, and they’ve come to the fore and feel powerless to protect you.

When you’re triggered into survival programs, you suffer from adrenaline and cortisol that activate the fight, fight, flee or freeze response. And this is where you have brain fog. You can’t think, you can’t get to solutions. You don’t know what to say.

The reason for that is everything shuts down. You’re back in your amygdala, which is triggering you into survival programs. You don’t have access to the cognitive solution, power, wisdom, or the logic to detach and know what to do. You just don’t have access.

It’s so important to understand what’s literally physiologically chemically going on within you so that you can accept that this is what happens. And when you look back through the times when you get triggered by a narcissist, if you’re honest with yourself, you know that’s what happens.

And you know that in those times, it’s like watching yourself by remote, and you can’t stop yourself reacting in a way that you know is not helping you, but it’s like, you feel powerless. You’re hijacked by it. That’s what’s going on.

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Join me in the next free Healing Webinar, where I will explain how to seal your gaps and take your power back. You get to experience two healings that will start the Quantum Way to heal from abuse – You will be sent a replay link after the event has finished.

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Ostracized/Targeted , same abuse

“Recovering from severe ostracism can be a challenge, because it affects a person on so many different levels. It impairs four basic human needs: belonging, control, self-esteem, and meaningful existence. It dramatically raises anxiety levels and causes depression and despondency. Physical pain often accompanies severe ostracism, since the part of the brain handling pain management is activated. When prolonged, ostracism causes many people to withdraw from social connection and activities that they previously enjoyed. Ostracized people feel isolated and lonely. They often become less active physically and emotionally. Meanwhile, the depth and the gravity of ostracism symptoms are usually not understood. There is a tendency to minimize and invalidate the pain of people experiencing ostracism. Occasionally, some ostracized people will act out in inappropriate ways to try to get those ostracizing them to notice them in any way they can, since even negative attention feels better than no attention. In the most extreme cases ostracism can lead to violence or suicide.”

Profiling : NPD Scan Their targets

Narcissists scan you, study you when they initially meet you (even if you are born to a narcissistic parent) , then they reflect back behaviours that are everything you want to see in them to establish a relationship from the beginning!! … don’t be fooled that this will ever be a genuine relationship (it won’t be) .. narcissists are reading you like a book, scanning you so they take taking full advantage of your empathic/caring/humanitarian/kind personality type.. right from the very start of meeting you… ‘What many people fail to understand is that the narcissist abusive behaviour is intentional, sadistic, they are pathological predator and pre-meditated. When the narcissist begins manipulating and gaslighting your reality, that means they are implementing everything they studied about you initially when the relationship began to begin the covert destruction of your life under the radar of everyone else’s awareness inclusive of you, their unsuspecting victim … psychological, physical, financial, emotional and sexual abuse (lovebombing) will be delivered under the ‘guise of love’!!!
Eventually when a victim becomes aware they are dealing with a narcissist, a pathological predator inside their relationship.. it comes as a shock to learn just how dangerous this person you thought loved you actually is!!! The only way to escape narcissistic abuse is to get away safely from them and go #NoContact with them … #NoContact must be kept as a permanent self protective measure to keep invested in for the long term rest of your life!!



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