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Shadow operates best when fear and anger cloud judgement and reason .

Awareness of folks aligned with this energetically is difficult but I determined long ago to survive and thrive as I offer my efforts to know and do better .

Jo Treeman ❀herπŸ—½πŸŽ†πŸ˜˜

All you crazy holistic, natural hippie, yoga junkie, truth seekers, crunchie mommas, (or however you want to be identified as)
asymptomatic Healthy friends,

How many people have you infected with coronavirus?
Take accountability now.

This death plague is so deadly we have to have contact tracers to TELL people to GO GET tested when having been in contact with someone who [[NEVER knew they had it but HAD IT]] because they were around someone who “had it”.
That’s freaking deadly.
They didn’t know they had it.
Its that deadly.

Read that againπŸ‘†

Protocol used to be “stay home if your sick”
Now its “stay home if you’re healthy”
Protocol used to be “wear a mask if you’re sick” now its “wear one if you’re healthy”
See how it got switched?

Gas lighting if you’ve never experienced it well now you have.

Gas lighting was coined as a term when the husband turned down the gas light but blamed it on the wife then called her crazy for not remembering.

Mind CONtrol!

Is MY immune system a threat to your immune system?
Honest Question?

If so you’re asking if you have a strong or poor immune system?
Do you actually know?

How well do you really know your body?

Do you know how to take care of yourself?
Do you know what your needs are?

Why would you ever let someone tell you what YOUR needs ARE IN ACCORDANCE TO WHAT OTHERS NEEDS ARE?
Is that not a conflict of interest.
Here’s some examples:

My favorite is the argument of:

“Public health”

Like don’t breathe openly because others don’t want you to because of PUBLIC HEALTH

OR get all your babies vaccines on schedule because of PUBLIC HEALTH.

Or stay home save lives because of PUBLIC HEALTH.

Mind control is like a “SPELL” saying the words PUBLIC HEALTH changes YOUR view AWAY from individual HEALTH.

Don’t wear nice pants if you have a great ass because your making mine look gross.
No. They worked for it!
They can wear their nice booty pants!

Come on.

You want a healthy immune system or you want everyone else to cater to your laziness and inability to TAKE CHARGE of your health.

Anything worth having is worth WORKING FOR.

You want a strong immune system?
Take freaking charge

You want a nice ass
Take charge

Okay they say,
“BUT what about those vulnerable to illness?”

Take charge.
Learn their needs.
I can’t think of a person in dire need with deathly ailments that needs you to not breath for their health.

I have had severe bronchial tubes/lung issues so inflamed in my life that I couldn’t breathe.straight to E.R. for Respiratory distress.
No Dr could ever explain exactly where the inflammation came from.
I felt faint and blue.

It could have been viral?

It could have been heat, stress, diet!

No Dr knows.

Let me tell you this.

I ate so unhealthy
I drank soda pop
I ate lots of white breads pasta and sugar.
I drank mucous forming foods.

It was not your fault and not your responsibility and I do not hold you accountable for my breathing issues.

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Failure , Virginia , on behalf of children

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Enjoy his messages throughly .

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giving it a name .

Blessings & Peace

DoΓ±a Luna