SWHELPER – Children Experience Early Childhood Trauma Don’t #Just GetOverIt

SWHELPER is a progressive,
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Parental Alienation = Emotional Child Abuse …As an Intuitive it’s Soul Snatching


Antidepressants are risky and ineffective – so why are we prescribing them to children? | The Independent

Risky ? You bet ; drugs that are seldom studied on children , studies

that are worthy of deep inspection due to flagrant fake stats.

These chemicals change the brain structure , and all manner of

natural personality traits , altering without permission . Huge

impact on emotional development , and organ damage; a shorter

life expectancy ..

It’s junk..

Attachment , rather than Detachment , responds to the Spirit

and the Soul ..

An investigative report by the BBC recently found that the number of antidepressants prescribed to children in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland has risen 24 per cent over the past three years.
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MIA Survey: Ex-patients Tell of Force, Trauma and Sexual Abuse in America’s Mental Hospitals – Mad In America

Nightmare come to life for me, patients

robbing a wealthy patient of her precious

jewlery , dental patients who had all teeth

removed at once .

A diabetic who had both legs amputated.

An El-Vira co patient on watch , who attempted

to choke me to death 1st night in..

Not a healing place

Added trauma , Added Abuse , I went home

changed and rearranged , knowing how

unsupported I was , owing my abuse , I

took my fragmented self home, to

” comply” as a wife, and to mother our sons.

Complying meant being away from sons

in order to support partner .. 5 years later

I complied with psychiatry that I was mentally

ill, instead of abused , surrogated , lied to

and cheated on.

5 years later , I as well as our sons where abandoned

for his happiness .

In a MIA survey of former patients in mental hospitals, nearly 500 respondents told of an experience that was traumatic and involved force and abuse.
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Finally Liberated From Being Targeted , I pray for transformation of hearts 🦉


Dad speaks out on why a child says no , to targeted parent . ChildAbuse


For Domestic Violence Survivors, Family Court Becomes Site of Continued Abuse

This too is changing , as awareness becomes reality ,

compassionate folks who stand beside children in

courts , insuring no trauma, or advantage is targeted

against a child in continuation of a parent who

is indisposed , disadvantaged , out monied , ie

discriminated against in every way . A very grievous,

vulgar and unnecessary , socially accepted human

rights violation.. And it’s motion of transformation

is upon us as leaders domestically abuse us , shadow

is exposed and thankfully a million stars align

to open a healing as never imagined ..Heaven

on Hearth begins with Peace in Ones ♥️

Family courts often lean toward joint custody, a preference that some abusers use to continue harassing former partners.
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