Girl, 10, found ‘howling’ in stream after boy, 16, ‘choked and raped her 300 yards from her home’

It’s very scary to read this , I witness a laxness by parents

in guiding and protection , and a female child ill prepared

to thwart an attacker of this nature .

Sadly the maturation of body , allows even a 6 year old to

be free ranging , and being harmed because she looks

older .. Informed consent , doesn’t begin until factual

education begins .

An eyewitness told Bristol Crown Court she heard a 10-year-old girl ‘howling and yellow’ from a stream in Exmouth
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Hilde Lysiak, 12-year-old journalist, films Arizona cop threatening her – The Washington Post

“I don’t want to hear about any of that freedom of the press stuff,” the officer reportedly told Hilde Lysiak.
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Americas HS students make history as first all-female welding team in contest history | KFOX

🏆A very good thing !

Elisa Arredondo, Abigail Vega and Ashley Lopez became the first all-female welding team to take part in the SkillsUSA District 1 contest held at Western Technical College on Saturday. Their welding team comes from Americas High School under the instruction of Veronica Garcia. “At first, I felt nervous, but getting here, it’s just like any other practice,” said Vega. They weren’t the only girls competing from Americas High School’s welding course, either.
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Europe Climate Change Protests: Teenage Girls Organize Mass School Walkouts And Protests


Students are going on strike around the world to demand action on climate change, in a movement led almost entirely by teenage girls.
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Normalization of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream, Child Molesters Rebranded as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ | Humans Are Free

Not on my life , no freaking way..

This will be transformed ✔️💯

Normalization of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream, Child Molesters Rebranded as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ | Humans Are Free
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#GirlsToo Pledge – Unite & Stop Sexual Harassment & Violence

For your consideration, I share this , and look forward

to signing for the Boy Scouts very soon.

Blessings & Peace


Pledge to join the movement against sexual harassment & violence toward women & girls. Recognize the Problem. Become the Solution. Make the Change.
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“Sacrificial Virgins” – A Must-See Film About Young Girls Being Severely Damaged By HPV Gardasil Vaccines – Collective Evolution

“I would never give my daughter, or my son the shot… This is a massive PR event by the company that makes Gardasil, and the same is the truth for the company that makes Cervarix… I think one needs to do a lot of research, and I think parents are in the best position to […]
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