Nurse who for 12 years felt powerless to expose abuse of patients in the secure units speaks out | Daily Mail Online

My experience initially was Hell on earth , for what

I saw, heard and experienced . Mental hospitals are akin

to jail/prison , and there was no comfort, or healing within.

Quite the opposite, so even knowing and accepting my

abuse , our children and my wish to heal created a desire

to return home.. more than slightly rearranged by the

induction of mental illness via RX Xanax , never listed as

a causal. 5 per for 12 days without an awareness of doing


Addiction Induced Mental Illness is how it’s done ✅

A senior mental health team leader said she was asked to assist a cover up at an English NHS psychiatric unit after staff restrained a patient with learning disabilities so forcibly he was paralyzed.
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Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkillers – Health Magzine

From the beginning of treatment, I was prescribed

this medication which has proved to be as addictive

as any opiate .

In late 98 I was prescribed 3600 mg per day ..Suicidal

ideology insured , alone on my birthday , marriage sham

exposed beyond belief , my Mom nearer to her exit , I

swallowed a new RX .

One child spoke of finding me, as did ” former” . The hour

after midnight, yet another child returned home to see

me loaded into an ambulance . Unable to get me incubated

or aspirated , the 3 did come to the hospital for 45 minutes .

The admitting paperwork did not get any relative info

and of course the trauma of that night had no effect on 2

there, 1 away , who received a call.

Detached ” former” , I suspect , saw the merit in allowing me

to die, and delayed leaving his sweetie , to check out my

” attempted suicide” , that was induced by 3600 mg RX

Neurontin, and C-PTSD .

” Former” prefers the drama and self focus of my ” attempt”

being my inability to live without him.

Dad left Mom, who celebrated their March 4th 1999 , 50

year anniversary , (she exited April 9 th 1999) to sign

me out before a panel of 4 Drs.

Counseling included family members who promised to

get involved , and alas that did not happen .

Clearly making everything my responsibility , even as

need for each child and myself to come together .

Cooperation was not part of our marriage , and the

adversary was dominate .

Dad also took this RX , overmedicated as well, he slept more

had tremors as memory was affected . Caring for him , I

checked his RX , and was horrified to find multiple bottles

varied dosages , of which he took all in his inability to

comprehend when falls signaled his imbalance was affected

by his prescribed medications. Dad took Neurontin for neuropathy.

The off label use , generic form generates so much money

lawsuits are chump change …

Neurontin and Lyrica: Death Sentence For Your New Brain Synapses; Side Effects of Most Dangerous Painkillers – Health Magzine
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ADHD,etc. Lack of Nurture ..Parents Matter

“The biggest mistake I ever made was…going to see a psychiatrist” (Stevie Nicks) – Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I know of what she speaks , a true Heroine 🦸‍♀️

from the archives) — I’ve read other articles about Stevie Nicks and her harrowing journey on and off Klonopin. She speaks vaguely in an article I read a long time ago of hiding out at her brothers for two years after the detox. That period I’m in now when many of us are very ill…
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Why men abuse women and what makes them stop | Stop Abuse Campaign

WaterWorks (tears) in many truths exposed here .

It’s surreal that truth on this shadow is liberating

so many , that they may evoke light n healing .

Let go, We shall catch you in a love hug 🤗 of understanding


Four decades after domestic violence first became a public issue our courts still don’t understand why men abuse women. That’s dangerous for children.
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Hardest Lesson, Prayers For Change Were Met 2018, with a Grand Effort . Denial is Impossible