Holding a patient ( child) overlong ( as long as insurance pays )

We admitted Tom to a developmental disabilities unit at a psychiatric hospital nearby in January 31 – as you know things had been very hard for a long time. They were getting really difficult at school as well. Meds weren’t helping and they kept prescribing one on top of another without taking the prior one away, because they’re psych meds and you have to taper and there’s no time for that when he’s in crisis. He’s been ready to be discharged for about 2 1/2 months, in my opinion. The hospital team suggests residential placement – since nearly the time he was admitted. He’s doing so well now and the hospital team are seeing that he’s now having aggression because he’s sort of pushing back against the very restrictive environment. But there was no in home support to be found (no applicants) and wait lists a mile long with no guesstimate as to when a spot would be available….so he’s just been living in the hospital. He asks to come home almost every day and for sure when we visit. He even asks for his school teachers and speech and OT and school social worker. I miss him so much.

The Myth of Chemical Imbalance

From my book “Antidepressed”. By means of the careful scripted pharmaceutical marketing campaigns of the 1990s and pushed by psychiatry, our doctors learned to quickly attribute mental illness to faulty brain biochemistry…defects of dopamine…shortages of serotonin….The covert DSM has been cleverly and unceremoniously drilled into our psyche and until very recently we have generally accepted it without question.”

Ending Efforts at reunification

This happened to us 3 years ago. My husband was in the hospital so I reached out to his daughter who at that point was 5 years into a painful off and on relationship with her dad and a year into completely out of touch with us, and studying to be a nurse. While she did respond she said she will not visit. That was really a turning point for me to really see her who she truly is….and finally be at peace with letting her go for good.

Psychiatrist are largely unenlightened

Psychiatrists are largely unenlightened people. They have to rebuke their field consciously and begin to see, accept and believe in enlightenment — or they remain calibrated ‘off’ or sort of sociologically “down” as dangers to society emotionally and physically. Their field is 500% wrong perception and it is their purpose to begin to let go of it more and accept the truth, which is that they have been wrongly and controllingly hurting innocent people with diagnosises that are completely untrue, and whom all need a completely different more metaphysical therapy and with other openminded, nonblaming holistic fields adjacent to it that can help guide people in these extreme trance states to their actual purpose of enlightening further; that is their purpose and interrupting it is more than sacreligious.

Just ask the Universe, yourself, over and over for a sign, if you happen to be a psychiatrist wrongly believing that you should endeavor to protect your “job”; this action is totally superficial. The spirit family would guide you to see a more wellrounded perspective about the actual truth of that entire construct. Acceptance for you guys, and letting go more. 🧚‍♀️🌎☠️

Electroshock Ruins Creativity & Lives—Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, Paul Robeson, Ernest Hemmingway… | TruthAboutECT.org

A new book published in February 2019 claimed that famed actress, Vivien Leigh who starred in Gone with the Wind (1939) and A Street Car Named Desire (1951) had suffered from bipolar disorder.[1] However, Leigh, along with many other artists, were victims of psychiatric treatment, especially electroconvulsive therapy (electroshock, ECT) that not only failed but also harmed them.
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