Dangers of Lyrica and Neurotin – Gabapentin

I was prescribed 3600 mg. per day .An example of insane psychiatric abuse ; I’m sure in solitary with a ” brother” to kill me

Preferring to believe I was suicidal instead of the 3600 mg inducement , and I wanted to die because partner walked away from our family


Heath Ledger

Typically blaming the individual ( patient )

Who was prescribing or giving him RX ?

He had multiple RX given by Drs in varied parts of the world .

Let’s talk about his extreme work and travel load; his body clock was wayyyyyy off .

Health was very vulnerable and induced in to drugging legally by medical professions

1st Do NO Harm

Heath’s death really affected me , for I had watched Broke Back Mountain and witnessed a very beautiful soul 💯❤️


Brain Education: Concussion

J have studied the brain and

adversities of brain health

including trauma and some

on concussions .

I learned that seldom is the

neck and head as secured

In emergency situation and

a very narrow window exist

to authenticity treat the brain

as it should be to heal.

A former friend had black

outs that were weeks long

which I’m sure were highly

pronounced as a highly

sensitive person .

In council he shared extreme

trauma, as an adopted child.

He did reunite with his Mom

His relationship had become

highly affected by everything

and ended as both left my

area .


EMF interference & medical addiction

From dirty pollution of the 80s to radiation of wifi , the 5g roll out and vaccines that address COVID were but conspiracy theories until the economy tanked ..

Chemicals are huge profitable businesses ..

Gates & Company want less carbon foot prints and its equal opprotunity..

Speculators drive the frenzy of addicting folks and creating clients from cradle to grave .

An awareness predominates , as the side effects take hold ..

I learned the very abusive side effects of addiction for profit through psychiatric abuse.

3 sons lived in Distortions, and rupture , allowed to think I was totally to blame…

I urge each of you to research and make smart choices for your best interest.

Blessings & Peace ,

Dona Luna ✌✌

Pharma Bro

When you accept this is how medicine is done and holding the consumer hostage to pay what the market demands .

Nothing about health care and prescriptive medications serve the consumer as described

The vulnerability of not knowing or accepting what’s

passed out as scientific information often are just attempts to hook the consumer in and often addiction takes hold and consumer is then blamed for being an addict .