Isolation A huge tool of Abuse or Safety In My Case

I felt I had no choice but to isolate .

Our children were exampled the methods of

a detached abuser , who never involved himself

in partnership , and fathered like a friend/brother

rather than a Dad . That was abusive during our

1st due to the surprise ” gift” he wasn’t responding

to as such, moreover obsessed with the change

in finances .. home was not somewhere he liked

to hang out, but was my haven, my peace , my

solace. Quoted as saying he warned a son before

choosing marriage , of not finding himself having

to marry ..Baby was 1 year , 7 days after I do.

He was responsible for birth control , and sadly

the pattern for non responsibility has been life

long as in horror I learned of all of the outs he

had experienced from infancy on …it’s a very

long list .

I find him the most self isolated , unreachable

soul I never knew ..His heart is so isolated from

all that life teaches , as I suspected there are

many fragmented parts of narcissistic behavior

and it can be relieved by personal choice and intent .

Our sons and grandchildren are not enough to be

incentive , and that still shocks me .

Trying harder : Compliant Partners , Abused On soul level

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