Spiritual Narcissistic

Thankfully , I check myself , long ago

giving in to self empowerment , upon

a healer I connected to on MySpace

to an Aussie Healer , who wisely

in his NPD ego mind told me that

since I had birthed 3 sons, I had

fore filled my ” job ” and could

die ..

Needless to say, I disconnected from

any further contact , and continue

to step out of any energy consciousness

that has not yet self truthful, and it can

at moments present as Narcissist.

Male or female , I just don’t have time

and pray past projections , sometimes

grieving , but more determined than ever

to balance myself .

I know myself, sense what’s what , and choose

what to give energy to.

I prefer connections that support mutual joy or

just hearing , and offering love ❤️ info, resources

and let go..

When I haven’t , I’m discovering my miss is my

mercy …

I so look forward to the spiritual evolution that

shall heal so many in search of their truth .

Keep at it, it’s the best , most divine state . Peace ☮️

is my addiction ..lol

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna


Steven Hassan: America’s Leading Cult Counselor

As a recruited member of the ” One World Crusade ” a

front group for the Unification Church which was known

for decades as the Moonies at age 19, in 1974 who has

compared Child Abuse / Parental Alienation as much a

” cult” as religions can be…

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I have , Releasing the Bond’s – ( Empowering People to Think

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Freedom of Mind ( Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling

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