Ireland expands legal definition of domestic violence to include emotional, psychological abuse | TheHill

The UK already implemented minimum 5 year

prison sentence for abusers of any gender . USA should

also, and I hope to impress upon Virginia its a good thing

and all the many reasons why .

Ireland has expanded the legal definition of domestic abuse to include “coercive control,” which includes emotional and psychological abuse.
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Mother on the run with her three-year-old son pens emotional letter | Daily Mail Online

Ellie Yarrow-Sanders, 26, of Basildon, Essex, disappeared with Olly Sheridan six months ago and has insisted she will ‘never let any harm come’ to her three-year-old son.
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Dad speaks out on why a child says no , to targeted parent . ChildAbuse

Father’s family gets custody of son after mom tries to sell him for $2,500 |

On June 29, special agents executed a drug search warrant at a residence in Corpus Christi and found 8-year-old Roland Olivarez III who was allegedly sold and purchased.
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Custody exchange in parking lot ends with father dead, mom’s boyfriend charged with murder

I suspect there is much more to the story …

The children, a boy and a girl, witnessed the shooting but neither were injured, officers say.
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For Domestic Violence Survivors, Family Court Becomes Site of Continued Abuse

This too is changing , as awareness becomes reality ,

compassionate folks who stand beside children in

courts , insuring no trauma, or advantage is targeted

against a child in continuation of a parent who

is indisposed , disadvantaged , out monied , ie

discriminated against in every way . A very grievous,

vulgar and unnecessary , socially accepted human

rights violation.. And it’s motion of transformation

is upon us as leaders domestically abuse us , shadow

is exposed and thankfully a million stars align

to open a healing as never imagined ..Heaven

on Hearth begins with Peace in Ones ♥️

Family courts often lean toward joint custody, a preference that some abusers use to continue harassing former partners.
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