Joy in 3

my sister and I visited recently and as I shared recent

pictures of youngest son, we both broke out in tears

due to his current bald head .

Clearly he is returning to his original hair status lol

Such a beautiful joy filling loving depiction captured

35 years ago.. Beauty and Light 🥰

‘Why Family/CPS Courts Target ‘Fit’ Parents & Why the General Public is Unaware of this National Crisis’ (short version) | HuffPost

“Rich, poor, middle-class — no child in America is safe.” These words of award-winning investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow (author of The Worst In… I am crying , rejoicing.. #WeGotThis
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I Believe – Shout out to “Booty” , My 1st Divine Love ❤️ 1st to Exit

I chose this song for the celebration of Dad’s life

which is where I stayed openly. I reserved the release

of his physical form for privacy , and still do.

More than ever , I Believe, speaks to the miracles

that we are , against odds that try our souls , so many

Beloveds share their experience of receiving love

and guidance , everlasting .

He is here, and he’s proud on so many levels , that

truth n light, n love 💝 has won.

Love ya Dad ,

Forever n Ever , A -men

Why men abuse women and what makes them stop | Stop Abuse Campaign

WaterWorks (tears) in many truths exposed here .

It’s surreal that truth on this shadow is liberating

so many , that they may evoke light n healing .

Let go, We shall catch you in a love hug 🤗 of understanding


Four decades after domestic violence first became a public issue our courts still don’t understand why men abuse women. That’s dangerous for children.
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Middle school reduces bad behavior dramatically with ‘reverse suspensions’ that invite parents to school when students misbehave – TheBlaze

“Who as a parent wants to sit in class? It’s embarrassing.”
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Raising overcomers: How to teach your kids to do hard things – Motherly

Incoroperative Biased Elitist Critic Won Long Before I arrived

I was allowed to participate in a family , that I reproduce

and surrogate his children, who defer to the path projected

as safe and true .

Land Minds trigger and trip that belief , and finally it’s

truth in disclosure that releases old contracts that were

not reality based ..lack of authentic self has been

reconciled as shadow was highlighted by 💡

I haven’t taught any of my children to ride a bike. Not one of the four.I’ve helped, for sure. I’ve held on to the seat and steadied them while they will their bodies to balance and their feet to push the pedals, but my husband has always been the one to let go of the seat and enable their independe…
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