French author, 50, says women over 50 are too old to love | World news | The Guardian

Most 25 year old women would feel as he does , about him

given his age of 50..

Yann Moix, a prize-winning novelist, says women of same age are ‘invisible’ to him
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Healing the Mother Wound with Bethany Webster | Emerging from Patriarchy: Some Relationships Won’t Survive the Real You

Non gender specific ; Men nurture ie ” mother” very often

very well.

As women living through this transformational time, we’re seeing patriarchal institutions crumble all around us— in governments, media, communities, and organizations. The devastating scope of patriarchal dysfunction is on full display across the globe
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In The Fight For Paid Parental Leave, 6 Months Should Be The Minimum

Totally into this Mom and Dad bonding with child.

In the U.S. where only 14% of civilian workers have access to paid parental leave and 25% of women go back to work within 2 weeks of giving birth, it’s become normal to feel grateful if you have any access to paid leave. But 6, 8, even 12 weeks is not enough for the wellbeing of your employees.
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What is ‘Victim Shaming’?

Varied effects are non gender specific ..

Survivors of domestic violence afraid to step forward, fearing they’ll take the blame for the abuse.
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She attends gay weddings as a ‘stand-in mom.’ Now they’re making a movie about her. / LGBTQ Nation

This is so freaking cool😍

Jamie Lee Curtis loved her offer to be a “stand-in mom” for LGBTQ people whose parents rejected them. So she bought the film rights.
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Lies of the Fathers (Rights Groups) | National Organization for Men Against Sexism

Lies of the Fathers (Rights Groups) | National Organization for Men Against Sexism
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