Tap Into The Feminine within – We .

15 minute meditation

More desert stuff ..Coulda been I Dream

of Jeanne influence …on a roll…😜💕

Empowerment Meditation


Awaken the Serpent

Awaken the Goddess


Light of the Holy Spirit ~ India Arie

Resonating hugely , affirmations , deflecting

negative energies , aiding others in my soul

family transition as we move forward

in our heart chakras as if Gaia .

Mother Earth, Father Sun, Ancestral Support

are messaging , and I am receiving 🥳♥️.

All that was brought me to the lovely

acceptance of past , now and future

and with that , knowledge of what does

not resonate , and so much peace ☮️ has

result of the balance inherit in a heart

that has focused on this time, this clearing.

A return to love, civility , comes when the

masses become aware , and we are there .

Babies I am amazed , and so grateful , the

reality is much better than even my imagination.

As a Pisces my waking dream like , and light

was absolutely necessary for my survival in

a world that was far too casual , scary ,

detached and disassociated . Toxic RX enhanced

that , but somehow I held to the correctiveness

of a Divinity that allowed me knowledge of

Heaven on earth .. Merging is occurring ,

a restoration , and implication of transforming

so much by attaching , by benevolence , as we

own our highest self , despite the opposition ,

attempts at oppression ; realizing the fear/anger

/ residence to acceptance that you are worthy .

All is in perfect order .



House Of Golden Dreams – Wishes/Seeds 2019 infinity ðŸ¥°


May you fall madly in love this year .. in love with someone who unhinges your tired trajectory, in love with a spouse of several years who might be aching for lightning, in love with demanding children and crazy relatives .. in love with the particular pedigree of genius insanity that has perhaps claimed you in spite of your reluctance .. and certainly in love with an animal, a cloud, a redwood, the wild .. these at least once a day. May you fall in love with this fragile jewel of a world, with hard work, real learning, just causes, petitioning and prayers. May you fall in love with wonder itself, with the grand mystery, with all that feeds you in order that you may live .. and with the responsibility that that confers. May you fall in love with heartbreak and seeing how it’s stitched into everything. May you fall in love with the natural order of things and with tears, tenderness and humility. May this be a magnificent year for you. May you fall deeply, madly, hopelessly, inextinguishably in love ❤

© Poetess (Rachelle Lamb)

Artwork: Jackie Morris (The House of Golden Dreams)

Researcher plans to shed new light on women writers overlooked for centuries | CBC Radio

Reclamation is a beautiful thing..

The $2.3-million grant to rescue and re-examine early texts considered women’s writing is a “dream come true” for lead investigator Carme Font.
— Read on www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/researcher-plans-to-shed-new-light-on-women-writers-overlooked-for-centuries-1.4966178

Do Not Lose Heart, We Were Made for These Times | Awaken

I have many of her works , books on CD , and she inspires

me greatly .

Let her words find your heart 💜 own your truth within

know the warrior of peace within , who is here for a union

to effect the change . We are the ones we have been waiting


Babies I am amazed 🥰

Do Not Lose Heart, We Were Made for These Times | Awaken
— Read on www.awaken.com/2017/05/do-not-lose-heart-we-were-made-for-these-times/

Foreigner donates proceeds from remake of classic song to Shriners – Story | KTBC

This song called out to me as I began healing

and it’s perfection in being utilized for children

is spot on karmic , cosmic Love 💕

Shriners Hospitals for Children is teaming up with the legendary rock band Foreigner to remake a classic and sell the group’s CDs as a fundraiser.
— Read on www.fox7austin.com/popular/foreigner-donates-proceeds-from-classic-to-shriners

Why men abuse women and what makes them stop | Stop Abuse Campaign

WaterWorks (tears) in many truths exposed here .

It’s surreal that truth on this shadow is liberating

so many , that they may evoke light n healing .

Let go, We shall catch you in a love hug 🤗 of understanding


Four decades after domestic violence first became a public issue our courts still don’t understand why men abuse women. That’s dangerous for children.
— Read on stopabusecampaign.org/2019/01/03/why-men-abuse-women-and-what-makes-them-stop/

Middle school reduces bad behavior dramatically with ‘reverse suspensions’ that invite parents to school when students misbehave – TheBlaze

“Who as a parent wants to sit in class? It’s embarrassing.”
— Read on www.theblaze.com/news/2016/05/02/middle-school-reduces-bad-behavior-dramatically-with-reverse-suspensions-that-invite-parents-to-school-when-students-misbehave