Veteran suicides: Three veterans die by suicide at Veterans Affairs facilities within five days – CBS News

Quite sure this is a protest, and just as sure , the statistics

are lower , under reported ..each day is death to one who

is rejected ,ignored , deeply in trauma , that is further abused

via legal addiction .

Forgetting the mind, body , and spirit , has cost many lives

and it’s exciting to witness the transformation .

Angelic beings , no less , who pledge their eternal souls

in the cause , of awareness to the grave injustice of several

axis of evil.

I honor you and hold space for your mission of love.

Be at peace !


Doña Luna

Three veterans shot themselves to death at Veterans Affairs facilities within five days in April; the suicides happened in Georgia and Texas
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Black children commit suicide at twice the rate of white kids | Science News

I was unaware of this horrifying fact .

This must , this statistic will be transformed ,

transmuted , eradicated ..


#WeGotThis ✔️💯🔥

The suicide rates for young black kids are higher than those of their white counterparts, a pattern that flips in older kids, researchers find.
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‘Bullied’ schoolgirl, 12, is found hanged in her bedroom after posting RIP on social media | Daily Mail Online

Becoming more frequent , and in much need of transforming !

Jessica Scatterson took her own life at home in Warrington, Cheshire, in April 2017. An inquest heard her social media activity had ramped up to intense levels before her death.
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A-level student, 18, took fatal overdose after medics refused her mental health treatment | Daily Mail Online

I bad far too many of these experiences which

were horrific , but did not drive me to take my

Life , as I began to comprehend the medical ,

professional , legal professionals , therapist

were so dang undereducated , dismissive

narcissistic , trauma survivors , addicts etc

and I had no choice but to know better , and

do better ..Same folks fear the truth they have

dodged , I become the problem .



Popular Afrika Yearwood, 18, was told in April 2018 that she was not sick enough for support before her death at Leeds General on May 25, 2018 following a suicide attempt four days earlier.
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To the Suicidal Mama Fighting to Stay Alive for Her Kids | The Mighty

A mom writes a letter to her fellow mama’s who struggle with suicidal thoughts, acknowledging the struggle of mental illness and motherhood and reminding them that they are heard and they should stay.
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243 first responders commit suicide last year; more than died in the line of duty – Story | FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Totally get this with professionals

in family…slow suicide by following AMA

still is premature death .

Trauma, folks, TONS of it

Horrid lighting

Tons of NAPD

Errors are seldom liable

Early Saturday morning, a deputy with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office took his own life in the backyard of his Clearwater home.
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