Switching Parties Explained

Both parties need to evolve and yes the Republicans seem to be imploding within.

As I see it both parties cannot be eliminated and a strong 3 rd party hasn’t taken hold , so with change the Democrats can hold the foundation steady until a solid foundation is established.

His children don’t support him , where was his wife ? and his own party by and large does not want him in office again.

The shadow that came with this man has adversely spewed toxicity across our nation and there is certainly no more need nor desire for more …

Trump was a Democrat just as Regan was before switching to a party they had better advantage of ruling 💯

Give Trump his TV station not another 4 years .

Inconceivable that he could dare to run with pending charges


Nellie Bly -Ten Days in. Madhouse & more

When Nellie Bly was eight, Jules Verne published a book about a man named Phileas Fogg who traveled Around the World in Eighty Days. Seventeen years later, Bly said Phileas was a slacker. I shall do it faster. People thought she was crazy, but she’d already spent time in a mental institution, so why not?

–On This Day in History, Shit Went Down: November 14, 1889–

Born Elizabeth Cochran near Pittsburgh in 1864, when she was 16, she read a column in the Pittsburgh Dispatch titled “What Are Girls Good For?” and the answer the author provided was basically “making babies and doing housework.” Nellie was all oh fucking hell no and wrote a response and the editor was impressed with her prose and gave her a job. She took on the pen-name Nellie Bly.

She began with investigative writing about the harsh lives of working women, and when factory owners complained about being exposed as douchebags the paper moved her to writing about fashion. She said fuck you and went to Mexico and spent six months writing about that, publishing it in a book. What made her really famous was when she was 23, Nellie pretended to be insane to get locked up in the Women’s Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell’s Island (now called Roosevelt Island) in New York as an undercover assignment. She wrote about the deplorable conditions for New York World, which was owned by that Pulitzer guy, and Ten Days in a Mad-House became a book that caused a massive sensation, and the asylum was forced to implement reforms. Her heroic stunt launched a new form of investigative journalism.

Ready for another adventure, on November 14, 1889, with two days’ notice, she left Hoboken on a steamship headed for Europe to prove that Verne’s circumnavigation could be completed in under 80 days. One of her stops was in France where she met the inspiring author Jules Verne himself. She sent telegraphs along the way to report on her travels.

She traveled across Asia mostly by rail; in China she visited a leper colony and in Singapore she bought a pet monkey that she took back to the U.S. with her. She completed her trip around the world in 72 days and wrote yet another book about her adventures, although some dude couldn’t abide a woman being a world record holder and beat it a few months later, but Nellie was first to do it in under Verne’s 80 days.

In 1998, Nellie Bly was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. The New York Press Club has a journalism award named after her.

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Mary Maddox,- Mind Freedom – Ireland

This picture was taken with my friend, Helena who publicly stated herself that she was lost to psychiatry. She was forcefully, chemically lobotomized. She spoke out against psychiatry whenever she got the opportunity. As punishment, she would receive more tortuous drugs. She was sectioned over 60 times and spent most of the last years of her life as a psychiatric prisoner. She inspired us to found MindFreedom Ireland.

She continues to inspire us to this day!

On the tyranny of goodwill Why we call ourselves psychiatric survivors


Monopolized Property – John Adams

In 1776, America’s top household owned less than 1,000x the national median household net worth. By 1950, that figure increased to around 40,000x. Today, it exceeds 2,000,000x. Since World War II, over $30 trillion has been diverted from labor to capital relative to the 1947 labor share run-rate. The richest 1% is wealthier than the entire middle class. Such extreme wealth concentration subsists at the expense of ordinary workers: After 50 years of stagnation, wages fast fall behind living expenses. The median bank account balance is $5,000. Most Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and have under $1,000 in savings.

This rising financial insecurity of ordinary households, united with their growing awareness that the economy is corrupt and the government is inept, creates America’s greatest political challenges: The middle class declines. Upward mobility dwindles. Pessimism intensifies. Political faction escalates. Elections lose credibility. The people turn against capitalism. Socialism gains appeal. Violence looms. Crime festers. Mob rule and demagogues and authoritarianism come to destroy democracy, just as the Ancients experienced, and the Founders warned, in each case anticipating an authoritarian political trajectory for America’s future.

This political trajectory generally agrees with ancient Greek historiography on regime change (e.g. ἀνακύκλωσις) (see, e.g., Herodotus (III. 80), Thucydides (VIII. 97), Plato (Rep. VIII. 544 C) (Laws, III. 677 A), Aristotle (Pol. VI. 1293b), Polybius (Hist. VI), Dionysius (Rom. Ant. VII, 54-56)), and shares fundamental uniformities with the evolution of its nearest historical approximation: the Roman Republic (commencing with Tiberius Gracchus and ending with Caesar Augustus, c. 133BC-27BC).

The full weight of history therefore issues this warning: Without a significant and historically-informed intervention to appropriately de-concentrate household wealth, thereby de-polarizing political society and recovering a middling, moderate political disposition, the long-term survival of legitimate popular government in the United States is thus both theoretically and historically improbable.

For more, visit http://www.rationist.org

Baby it’s Cold Outside

I am blogging a post that has not registered on Facebook due to my account being restricted .

Yep , ” fact checkers” have me on lock down for about a year or more . I was blocked from our local group ; which is too frequently done by an admin of men , one of whom verbally and public ally attacked me in response to a stated fact.

It’s part of this abusive Warfare of folks who are not holding peace within and feel threatened by the healing or healed feminine energy ; an unbalance in yin/yang that shows up in fear and anger .

Needless to say those who are pushing the envelope in regards to free speech #shutherup are revealing themselves so I don’t take it personally though it has been a blow to my work . And my time line of being past these experiences of such patriarchal, backwards motion .

Round these neck of the woods it’s chilly to say the least , with possible snow as we are higher elevated . After so much rain , the dip in temperatures, and even mild wind can be challenging until our bodies acclimate somewhat .

Lester Weddle a sweet heart of a man and musical artist pointed this out tonight . I chose to not go out and surely missed Open Mike @ Dogtown but my body won out in favor of staying put 💯

So for Lester and all my friends who are adjusting a tune with love from me to you ❤️🙏

Special warmth for our Florida transplants 🎶🎵🔥


This post went up under restriction on BIG BROTHER’S guidance but but still RESTRICTED by Z man and his posse of ” fact ” checkers !

Next 11k given the ” pink slip ” by Mr Z , who stated he over estimated in his hiring thus had to fire 11 K , losing money and customers is looking at a “come to Jesus ” experience !

I don’t feel it’s far off SIR and well earned

No presidential candidate here

Bam it’s self inflicted and has a recoil

Baby it’s Cold Outside