Dixie Chick’s: Traveling Soldier

This song Traveling Soldier came to mind as I considered all the veterans, of many wars ..wars of the soul and spirit

My 1st boyfriend became my 1st husband and brought much shame into our union .

My brother , perhaps my whole family at that time knew of his shadow but kept secrets of his infidelity .

After 9 months of trauma and abuse ( he was working out of town 4 nights a week ); he was drafted .

He left me with orders .

And his 65 cherry 🍒 red GTO.

I rebelled against his abuse and unknown secrets that had a very negative energy to them .I was sensitive to these unknowns but unaware of my intuition . Of course I had faith but was overwhelmed at being treated like a possession .

I don’t recall any discussions or plans for the future .

I wed due the loss of my virginity ..

And it was over , he filed for divorce , took emergency leave and took possession of his car .

I had nothing to say except that I was too young to be married .

Charged with abandonment …


Marriage to a man who for 4plus decades has held his trauma , puking it out on others , making others responsible .

At the sale of the family business he began to travel or claimed to.

In high trauma made worse by psychiatric drugs , I needed him . Our eldest drove me to various motels in the area . He was not at any of them but it certainly was an education of his habits unknown to me



A guest or drop in …

His secrets , his war, his lies and his projected blame and shame are his and his alone .

There are all kinds of soldiers, veterans, and survivors and very long and crooked the long and twisted journey to leave that war , to loose children and grandchildren to such distortion.

To discover , it’s money power motivated , the ever pressing need to WIN against and release of a past that did much destruction and cannot exist in the consciousness and awareness of the existence of abuses that harm children by erasing a parent .

Blessings 💚 🙌 Peace ✌ 🙏 ❤

Dona Luna

Daughter of a Daughter

I am the daughter
of a daughter.

Who is the daughter
of a daughter.

Who is also the daughter
of a daughter.

Some of us are mothers
but all of us are daughters,
all birthed through lines
that weave back to
that First Mother.

All connected from
the very beginning.
All connected in the now.

Great Grandmothers,
Great Great Grandmothers.
All daughters born from
One. Original. Egg.
One. Original. Woman.

So why the separation?
Why the animosity toward each other?
Why the arguing and fighting,
back-stabbing and lack of support?

The next time you see another woman,
look in her eyes and see the
Ancestral Lines – the lines of women –
that lead back to you.

Where are we going Mother?
And how will we get there Sister?
By staying connected Daughter
and allowing for difference.

For we are each one,
after all,
all Daughters
of Daughters
of Daughters
of our
One Mother.

~ Arlene Bailey ©2020, “The Daughter Line”
Arlene Bailey

Art: Lucy Pierce, “Tree of Becoming”

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Grief is a Portal Into Life

With the uttermost tenderness,
no need to rush,
place your hand on your heart
and gently knock on the Door of Grief.

What do you sense could be waiting for you
behind this door? What wants to be named,
honored and held?

Maybe it is obvious,
a loss so stark and unavoidable,
one that knocks you over
with a weight more massive and frightening
than you think you can bear.

Or maybe it is more of a subtle ache—
losses of hugs, of dreams,
of days, of relationships,
of the familiar slipping out of your hands.

Grief is a portal
into Life.

Grief shows us how deeply we loved.

Be gentle with your heart,

~ Chameli Ardagh

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ENCHANTED LOVE: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships – Marianne Williamson 🤓🙏🏼

Upon reading this years ago, I grasped many nuances within

that resonated within my soul..She writes of cosmic love

and that the buzz word more commonly applied to many

unions , reunions , and even the return to self love ❤️

I read a review on another page that was more shadow than

light , referring to her statement that women must lead

is a negative ” bait” I would not honor.. in saying that , I am

sure she referred to the harmony of the energy that prefers

cooperation and peace , wellness , etc.. Like spirit that energy

knows no gender !

Totally, allowed hope upon reading this years ago, that a true

partner walked this earth , and we would find each other , and

would rise above the ” craziness” inherent in the initial process.

Healing does result , catalyzed one is championed to go within

for forgiveness, healing and love .. armed before hand , or guided

per personal needs , creates a safe environment of transforming.

Balance and self trust are restored ; as babies know naught but love

and we can hold the sweeter highlights of a life that grows all the

sweeter , with less time before us..

Time is relative, I don’t really think about it , unless forced lol.

ENCHANTED LOVE: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships – Marianne Williamson
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Amazing Winners of the IAPBP Birth Photography Contest 2018

Our infants did not bond with in family, nor

himself which, with skin to skin , being just 1 example

of father bond in alignment with mom , and infant

which certainly is a major positive ❤️💯

Childbirth represents one of the greatest—and most rewarding—challenges that a human can endure. Every year, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) celebrate this poignant experience with their annual birth photography contest.
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Mom’s blistering rant on how men should be blamed for all unwanted pregnancies going crazy viral. | GOOD

Told , I had to stop BC pills , or risk never having a baby.

Pregnant 3. Months into our wedded bliss, I’m deliciously

happy , feeling blessed , and he shut down.. Blaming me

as if he were cheated on a decision; he failed at taking charge

for BC , but blamed me as he states his ” had to ” marriage ,

warning , always skipping out of how I became a single

parent , as he came and went at will.

‘All unwanted pregnancies are caused by the the irresponsible ejaculations of men’.
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